NOT A JOKE: Gavin Newsom Flirting with Appointing Oprah Winfrey to Replace Dianne Feinstein

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Democrat Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, made a promise to voters that if they did not recall him he would place black women in powerful government positions based on the color of their skin- alone- and now he is going to have to live up his promise, because a powerful position may be opening up.

According to media reports, we could soon see talk show host Oprah Winfrey,  who has the right skin color, walking the halls of Congress.

But when Democrats choose someone based on gender and skin color- it isn’t sexist or racist; it is beautiful and wonderful.  That is the left’s utopia, picking winners and losers based on their approved gender and skin tones.

Massive displays of racism and sexism are what is being discussed in political circles this week about a possible replacement for radical leftist US Senator Dianne Feinstein of California. ‘DiFi’, as she is called, is 89 years old now, and her term expires in January 2025.

However, many speculate that she will not resign even after many dire health concerns that make it evident that she can not carry out her duties.

Not to say that Democrats ever cared about that before, especially not with DIFi, but this does give Democrats an opportunity ahead of the 2024 election to pander to Black Women about their willingness to engage in racism and sexism for their votes, by socially promoting their favored skin color and gender- Black Women.

The Associated Press reported that Newsom has been floating the possibility of Oprah for weeks should DiFi finally accept her situation and leave her position.

Newsom has consistently promised to appoint a black woman to the seat, so we know he is into it. There are multiple contenders for the powerful government job, including San Francisco Mayor London Breed and far-left Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

A recent report from the Associated Press’ Michael R. Blood highlights the extent to which the governor may have boxed himself in. While many Black Democrats expect the governor to follow through on his pledge, the two candidates who seemed the most likely at the time of the pledge — Reps. Barbara Lee and Karen Bass — may no longer be options. Lee is running against Rep. Adam Schiff to succeed Feinstein, so Newsom may want to avoid tilting the scales in that race. Meanwhile, Bass just began her tenure as mayor of Los Angeles.

Media are reporting that leaves the “caretaker” route, in which Newsom appoints someone who doesn’t enter the Senate race, and the Associated Press story provided just one name that has been “floated in California circles” as a caretaker pick: celebrity talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

Lee is already running, but Newsom would likely want to remain neutral in what is sure to be a nasty primary.

Eric Ting of SFGate reported that Winfrey has publicly teased running for president one day but ultimately passed on running in 2020. Still, CNN reported in 2018 that she was taking a presidential bid seriously. If Winfrey wants to be a candidate in 2028 or beyond, gaining political experience as a caretaker in the Senate until January 2025 would certainly help her cause. And even if she doesn’t want to run for president, simply being able to say “Oh, I was once a United States senator” is fun, too.

Returning to the Associated Press story itself, Ting wrote, it’s notable that Blood explicitly named Winfrey. The Associated Press typically isn’t as freewheeling as say, Politico, when it comes to floating names for roles; it’s eyebrow-raising not only that she was the singular name floated but also that she was invoked twice in the story. When discussing the caretaker dynamic, Blood writes, “That’s where names like Winfrey come up — a celebrity who is Black and happens to meet Newsom’s appointment pledge.”

The Associated Press does state that “a range of names, from obscure to famous” have been “floated in California circles,” so this could simply be a case of the publication deciding Winfrey, with her celebrity status, was the only one worth mentioning. But there’s a pretty solid chance it’s something more.

The seat might come open even if Feinstein does not resign but rather dies in office. Cristina Laila revealed Feinstein is suffering from several health complications due to shingles (supposedly), including facial paralysis, memory loss, vision and balance impairments and swelling of the brain.

Cullen Linebarger reported with more details:

“Feinstein is also almost certainly suffering from dementia as well. Last week, she got testy with an LA Times reporter and appeared to forget she was absent from the Capitol for three months.

Feinstein’s cognitive decline is so bad that a lawmaker had to reintroduce themselves to her multiple times during one encounter last year.

In all honesty, Winfrey would prove the perfect replacement for Feinstein in liberal California. She is literally famous for handing out free stuff.

Seriously, the below video represents the Democratic Party in a nutshell!”


Linebarger continued:

It is uncertain whether Winfrey would actually be interested in the role, though. One would think her monstrous ego would not allow her to be just one of 100 senators.

She has floated the possibility of running for President one day, however. Heaven help us all if she follows through.

Newsom’s office could not be reached for comment on the matter.

However… it sounds like Oprah has some plans in mind:


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