OH HECK NO: Target Just Released New Sickening WOKE Product Lineup

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After their most recent collection of swimwear with an LGBT design that caused a stir on social media, the enormous American retail chain Target has found itself at the center of a debate that has become all too familiar.

It would appear that comedian Chrissie Mayr was the spark that ignited this entire debate when she tweeted about her recent discovery of some unusual swimwear features on women’s suits at Target.

WARNING: The language in the following tweet might offend some readers.

“Thanks to @Target I found the perfect swimsuit for creeping out all the women and children at the pool this summer,” Mayr tweeted. “Can’t wait to tuck my c*** into this little number while sipping a Bud Light!”

Images of Mayr flaunting the multicolored swimsuits were included in the tweet.

You can see in those pictures that the swimsuit’s “tuck-friendly construction” and “extra crotch coverage” are two of its advertised benefits. Additionally, it appears that these “tuck-friendly” bikinis cost $40.

Despite years of rainbow and LGBTQ+-themed displays at Target, the inclusion of female-style swimsuits that may be worn to “tuck” male genitalia has angered people online. The items, which are accessible in a designated pride section of retailers, are also marked as “Thoughtfully fit on multiple body types and gender expressions.”

Author of “Gender Madness” Oli London slammed the swimsuit as well.

“Target is just the latest brand that has gone woke and made an ill-fated decision to alienate its customer base by pushing gender ideology into the faces of consumers,” he wrote. “Only 0.6% of the population identify as trans so why is Target pushing these swimwear costumes with ‘tuck friendly’ designs and selling them in prime locations in their stores? The majority of men and Target customers do not want to ‘tuck’ their penis into a women’s swimming costume. I’m sure most men would find this uncomfortable and emasculating to say the very least.”

He added that the corporation might suffer financial implications from supplying such products.

“It’s also completely out of touch and offensive to women who once again are being mocked openly so Target can get a perfect score on the woke Corporate Equality Index (CEI),” London said. “No doubt Target will be getting the Bud Light treatment from its customers, many of which have been outraged by the Pride Collection featuring clothing with gender ideology slogans for babies and toddlers.”

Looking over the responses to Mayr’s popular tweet reveals that not only she thought these bikinis were in terrible taste, and that it could be time to pursue legal action against the retailer.

The boycott requests and Mayr’s own tweet specifically bring to mind the disastrous situation of Bud Light and its parent firm Anheuser-Busch.

The troubled beer tycoon is still dealing with the repercussions of its disastrous April partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Working with Mulvaney is partly to blame for the beer’s bad brand image, declining sales, and leadership changes.

Will Target experience the same kind of backlash?

Although the swimwear is unusual, Target would not be at all surprised by it. For Bud Light, its relationship with transgenderism was primarily uncharacteristic and abrupt.

Nevertheless, Mayr added some scathing critiques to her trending post.

“No real woman would be caught dead in that swimsuit, it’s hideous. It’s exactly what a dude pretending to be a woman would wear,” she told Fox News. “The only thing I’ll be tucking is my money back into my wallet and shopping elsewhere. What an obnoxious virtue signal from Target. And it’s not even [LGBT Pride Month] yet.”


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