Onlookers Erupt When They See What’s At Biden’s Feet During Recent Speech

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During a recent campaign event, President Joe Biden was seen lugging a pair of black sneakers with thick soles. This observation led to mockery from detractors regarding the aging incumbent’s gait and his team’s concerted efforts to prevent him from falling again until Election Day.

In reaction to Biden’s “Hoka Transport” sneakers—which Inside Edition defined as “designed for maximum comfort and support while walking or hiking”—the New York Post saw a few disparaging comments.

The 80-year-old Biden has no plans to take up running or hiking, so he’s probably attempting to stabilize himself when he moves from podiums to Air Force One, Marine One, the Beast motorcade car, or any other place he’s been seen in the past making a mess of things.

The Republican National Committee said on X, “Biden’s handlers are forcing him to wear a new pair of ‘lifestyle sneakers’ because he trips so much.”


As previously revealed by Axios, Biden’s aides have devised a thorough strategy to keep the president upright, which includes directing him off stage in the unlikely event that he attempts to walk through a rear wall and sending him up a smaller auxiliary set of steps to Air Force One. Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly made fun of the complete uncertainty by deviating from the script to mimic his main competitor and say that “the stuff they’re giving him is wearing off!”

The entire Inside Edition piece on Biden’s “boat anchor” shoes, as some pundits have dubbed them, is a headache for an administration that is finding it difficult to persuade voters that the president is capable of serving another five years in office. If he is reelected, he will become the oldest president in American history when he leaves office at age 86.

Strong majorities of the public, including Democrats, have voiced concerns regarding Biden’s age; these worries are only reinforced by every misstep, stumble, or other embarrassing senior moment that leaves onlookers perplexed. In 2021, Biden fell down the great stairway of Air Force One twice in quick succession.

While some online pundits praised President Biden for being cautious in an election year, others couldn’t help but criticize him for his new boots.

“Why not just make him wear a helmet and bubble wrap suit?” one X user wrote.

“Stabilizing the feet is all well and good but what corrects the brain function that controls the act of walking?” wrote another commenting on Biden’s struggles with a stutter and multiple lapses of memory in private and public.



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