Outrage Over What PBS Put On Screen During Trump’s Live Bedminster Speech

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Some of them became upset when Twitter referred to PBS and some other media as “government-funded media” in April. Despite the fact that their government support is an undeniably true truth, PBS’s main account stopped using Twitter because of it. They simply didn’t like the name since they believed it made references to state-owned media in countries like Russia. This is stated in the Twitter bio for PBS’s main account.

“PBS’s editorial independence is central to our work and will never change. We produce trustworthy content that features unbiased reporting.”

On Tuesday night, during former President Donald Trump’s speech in Bedminster, New Jersey, they did something different on PBS Newshour.

Trump explained the legal basis for his case in a speech to a cheering audience, describing his access to papers under the Presidential Records Act. Additionally, he claimed that because he had been unfairly targeted, he had been working with NARA and going through the boxes to decide what was personal and what they could want. He asserted that the targeting was “election interference” as it had been in the past when he had been targeted. He did, in fact, present some strong defense arguments for a non-lawyer, arguing that the Presidential Records Act is not a criminal statute and that a president has never been investigated for something similar in the past.

In support of his position, Trump highlighted the “Clinton socks case,” in which a federal judge ruled that Bill Clinton had the authority to retain recordings of discussions with international leaders, some of which dealt with extremely important topics. In his explanation of the Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton secret documents problems, Trump noted that you allegedly had inappropriately classified records from Biden’s time in the Senate in 1974, when he lacked a Presidential Records Act to rely on, while Clinton allegedly deleted emails.

Generally speaking, Trump was calm and deliberate in his speech, and in light of what he had to go through the day of his arraignment, he displayed a remarkable strength and vigor that Joe Biden could never match. Near the end of his speech, Trump briefly mentioned “obliterating the deep state.” He never said anything that even remotely suggested violence or encouraged violence.

PBS, however, used chyrons during the address, which screamed bias.

Here, they added a chyron that reads,  “Violent rhetoric has escalated in online forums and far-right militia groups since Trump’s federal indictment.”

However, they did not include any supporting evidence. What relevance would that even have to what Trump said, even if it were true? They appear to only want to accuse Trump of “violence” because he dared to defend himself.

They still had one more chyron to complete. They were stating their argument in case it wasn’t obvious what they were attempting to get through to you.

“Experts warn that inflammatory rhetoric from elected officials or people in power can prompt individual actors to commit acts of violence.”

Tell us. “Experts.” In Joe Biden’s speech in Philadelphia, where he insulted the majority of Americans and said that supporters of the MAGA movement posed a threat to the Republic’s basic core, where were the chyrons?

No such cautions were given as Biden singled out supporters of the MAGA movement, implying that 74 million people posed a threat to the country.


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