Patriots Forced Out Of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Event For Wearing Trump Gear, Carrying MAGA Flags

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Candidates in the upcoming 2024 presidential elections are just starting to fall into place.

Democrat President Joe Biden is insisting he will run for reelection, and Republican candidates to challenge him are numerous, but only two have so far declared that they are in the race for the Republican nomination.

Recently former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley threw her hat in the ring, and former President Donald Trump lost no time after the November midterms announcing his candidacy in mid-November.

While other candidates are thought to be in the running, none have formally declared it.

After Trump, frontrunners are Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Haley, and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

All polls show Trump with a massive lead over any other Republican hopeful.

Haley has begun her campaign, and although he has not yet declared himself and has been laying low, DeSantis is showing signs of a run for the nomination.

NBC News reported that DeSantis recently launched a tax-exempt organization that sponsored his speaking engagements to police groups in New York and the Philadelphia and Chicago suburbs last week.

He hosted a retreat for top donors from across the country at the Four Seasons in Palm Beach this weekend. And he has already sold out venues for a national book tour that begins Tuesday.

“He needs to get his name out there. He needs to get his positions out there,” said Perry DiLoreto, an influential GOP donor in Nevada who opposes Trump. “Just having a great idea and a great direction doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful. You have to bring people together and get them to buy into what’s going on.”

But one event spoke volumes about the governor’s intentions.

DeSantis’ recent book signing in a Leesburg mall in Florida was anti-Trump, as MAGA protesters outside the mall were told by police that they were not allowed there that day as the book signing event was happening. Big League Politics reported that law enforcement was operating off of edicts from DeSantis’ team on Tuesday afternoon.

Patriotic journalist Laura Loomer was at the scene, posting the situation on Twitter showing that “DeSantis does not want any pro-Trump or MAGA flags at his events, as he attempts to sanitize the America First movement and return the Republican Party to the “good ol’ days” of Bush-ism”.

It should come as no surprise that DeSantis is at war with MAGA considering who is backing him. The despicable Jeb Bush came out and shot a nauseating infomercial where he gushed over DeSantis and endorsed him for President:

Big League Politics has reported on how the globalist RINO establishment is coalescing around DeSantis as the man to undo Trump’s effect on Republican politics:

“Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is backed by many globalist billionaires at war against America First, and they will certainly be cashing in their favors if DeSantis decides to run for president.

A Twitter user, calling themselves Traditional Catholic, posted an informative thread about the people behind DeSantis. It is a who’s who of America Last financiers who see DeSantis as their vessel to derail Trump populism and return the GOP to the feeble politics of old. “60% of Ron DeSantis’ donations have come from donations of $50,000 or more.

54% of Donald Trump’s donations have come from donations of less than $200. Just 6% of these donations went to DeSantis. Ron DeSantis is backed by billionaires and the establishment,” Traditional Catholic wrote.

He highlighted venture capitalist Ken Griffin, who has given an incredible $5 million to DeSantis.

Griffin is a fierce opponent of America First policies and does not like DeSantis’ populist moves as Florida governor. Still, Griffin thinks he can control DeSantis if he is able to defeat Trump and be the Republican presidential nominee in 2024…

WeatherTech founder David MacNeil also gave $800,000 to DeSantis, and his biggest issue is giving amnesty to illegal immigrants. He opposed Trump in 2020 because of Trump’s immigration patriot stance on stopping illegal immigration…Wall Street hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones is a billionaire DeSantis backer who has given $1 million to the Florida governor. He is a close friend of convicted Democrat sex offender Harvey Weinstein and helped to fundraise for Barack Hussein Obama back in 2008…

There are too many problems with DeSantis for him to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2024. He needs to stay in Florida so Trump can remedy his unfinished business on a national level in 2024.”

NBC News reported that DeSantis’ inner circle insists he can wait to announce if he is running, and if he is that an announcement would likely come in June.

“DeSantis has used Florida as a living, evolving laboratory for turning conservative policy into winning politics, a formula that his allies see as replicable on the national level. In what was once seen as a swing state, DeSantis won reelection in November by a margin of nearly 20% while promoting restrictions on classroom education and vaccine mandates that infuriated progressives.”


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