Police Rush In After Trump Jr Delivered Death Threat Against His Father

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Donald Trump, the former president, has started receiving death threats.

A generic white powder and a very intimate and threatening letter addressed to Donald Trump Jr. were discovered online on Monday.

Conservative director Mike Cernovich said, “This letter containing white powder was sent to Donald Trump Jr.” “The left is following the instructions of the Biden regime and its propagandists.”

The letter is full of derogatory remarks, threats, and innuendos.

“Again, how many lives will be ruined before psychopath Donald is silenced?” the letter asks. “Lee Harvey Oswald’s grandson must complete his contract.”

This qualifies as a death threat against Donald Trump that the Secret Service ought to look into.

“It’s time for Mary to heart that Donald and his family have fone up in smoke when the ‘Trump’ plane dives into the Atlantic Ocean,” the letter concludes, spewing more foul language and innuendos.

The Daily Caller said that a Hazmat crew was sent to the residence of Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. told the Daily Caller, “It’s just become a little bit too commonplace that this sort of stuff happens.” It goes without saying that this would not be accepted if it involved a well-known Democrat and would dominate press attention for weeks. The media would hold all Republicans accountable and hold them accountable, but since it’s me, radical leftists will mainly get away with it, and the media won’t even bat an eyelid.

Donald Trump Jr. went on,  “It doesn’t matter what your politics are, this type of crap is unacceptable,” Donald Trumpl Jr. continued. “This is actually the second white powder substance envelope that’s been mailed to me. The last time we had this happen, it was during my father’s presidency and my then-wife opened it up with my kids by her side. So, it’s just sad that we live in a society where politics and the left’s hatred of my father would drive people to do such crazy things, but that’s where we are unfortunately. ”

Although information is buried by search engines like Google and online encyclopedias like Wikipedia, Donald Trump was frequently the victim of death threats while in office.

After Donald Trump won the election in November 2016, there were a lot of death threats on Twitter (now known as X).

One user commented, “I don’t exactly agree with #AssassinateTrump, but then again, I don’t disagree either.”

An other person commented, “#AssassinateTrump SOMEONE GO ON THE DARK WEB AND HIRE A HITMAN PLS (for legal purposes this is a joke 😗).”

The hashtag #AssassinateTrump was even permitted to trend on Twitter. What a waste of “Trust and Safety.”


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