Prominent Clinton & Obama Officials DEAD Under Mysterious Circumstances

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Two well-known Bay Area politicians lost their lives in a horrific accident late Friday night on a normally peaceful rural road in San Diego County. A head-on collision between a Chrysler sedan and a Jeep pickup happened on state Highway 76 close to Fallbrook, south of San Diego. Four people were killed in the collision, including a couple who were well-known for their political advocacy and community development work.

Both Hope Wood, 48, and her spouse Peggy Moore were declared deceased at the scene. They were well-known for their extensive civil rights and public service work. Wood was honored by the San Diego County Medical Examiner and was praised in particular for her creative organization and strategic efforts. Moore was a catalyst for change in Oakland and the East Bay, having served as president of the East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club.

The lesbian pair had a tremendous influence on numerous political campaigns and civil rights movements during their decades of service. Highlights of Moore’s career included leading Libby Schaaf’s 2014 mayoral campaign in Oakland and serving as a key senior consultant for Hillary Clinton during her California primary campaign.

From an early age, Moore and Wood’s lives were entwined with politics; they initially collaborated on President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign. This prompted them to start Hope Action Change in 2019, a consulting business that promotes coaching and organizational growth.

“It took you two hours to walk anywhere with Peggy — maybe more, because she knew everybody,” Schaaf said according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The former mayor continued, “I’m in such deep grief for myself personally because she’s someone I loved and admired so much. And I’m in grief for democracy. (Moore) is someone who believed everyone should have a voice in government. She never gave up in the beautiful essence of democracy, even when it gave up on her. She infused this nuclear love into everything she did.”

Friends, colleagues, and politicians expressed their sorrow over the loss of such influential figures. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) remarked on their lasting impact, writing, “Both Peggy and Hope made an impact on our community, on our city, on our state, and on our nation that will be felt for generations to come.”

“These were two almost twin flames that couldn’t bear to be apart in this life or in the other, and they really just had to be together when they left,” friend Kimberly Ellis of the pair told NBC San Diego.

“It’s an incredible loss, not just in the professional political world, but in our personal world as well.” Ellis described Moore as a “giant” in political circles and noted, “She has helped people like former President Barack Obama.”

Local authorities are still looking into the crash’s specifics and haven’t yet revealed the identities of the other victims. According to early reports, the deadly incident was caused by the Chrysler car swerving into the Jeep’s lane.



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