Prominent Democrat Arrested

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A Democratic senator from Minnesota was taken into custody on Monday, allegedly having driven hundreds of miles to break into the home of another person.

According to the New York Post, police detained state senator Nicole Mitchell, 49, of Woodbury, a town west of the Twin Cities, on suspicion of first-degree burglary in Detroit Lakes, which is more than 220 miles away from her district. According to local media, the homeowner of the property reported an ongoing break-in, which led to the arrest.

As of Monday afternoon, online records indicate that Mitchell, a former member of the Air National Guard and TV weather reporter, was still being held in Becker County Jail. Todd Glander, the Becker County Sheriff, told the Post that he anticipates charges being brought on Tuesday.

The senator was detained on the same Detroit Lakes block of the road where Mitchell’s father, who passed away last month, and stepmother resided, according to an obituary acquired by the Associated Press. She broke into her late father’s house to “take several items belonging to her late father after her stepmom ceased contact with her and other family members,” according to a criminal complaint filed on Tuesday, the Minnesota Reformer reports.

The Democratic side of the state senate, which has a one-seat majority, issued a statement saying that it is “aware of the situation and has no comment pending further information.”

The Republican minority leader in the Senate, Mark Johnson, denounced his colleague’s behavior in a statement.

“The public expects Legislators to meet a high standard of conduct. As information comes out, we expect the consequences to meet the actions, both in the court of law, and in her role at the legislature,” he told the Post.

Mitchell is halfway through her four-year term, having been elected in 2022. The Democrat has given priority to climate change, veteran’s affairs, and child protection during her brief tenure in office.

Paradoxically, Mitchell is a co-sponsor of some measures that will toughen punishment for offenders. She proposed legislation in 2023 with the goal of stiffening the penalty for gun owners who don’t store their weapons safely. On the other hand, the Post notes that she co-sponsored legislation that would have removed offenders from the general community and placed them in their last-known residence.

Some of the most extreme demonstrations in recent memory have taken place in Minnesota, including significant riots during the 2020 Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN), a squad member who represents the majority of Minneapolis, has faced attempts at congressional censure for her own antisemitic remarks and has consistently declined to denounce anti-Israel actions by her constituency.

The Democratic base in the state is likewise not very enthusiastic about President Joe Biden’s chances of winning a second four-year term. In the Democratic primary held in March, about 19% of voters chose to vote for “Uncommitted” as opposed to the incumbent, who has Congressman Dean Phillips (D-MN) of Minnesota as his nominal opponent.



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