Republican Lawmaker Is Helping Hunter Biden With Legal Woes

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Working on Hunter Biden’s legal team to help out with the backlash and scrutiny behind Hunter’s laptop and finances is former Republican Virginia representative, Denver Riggleman. Riggleman was defeated in the 2020 Republican primary by a whole 16 points. Bob Good, who had won in this election, called Riggleman “out of step with the base of the party.”

Riggleman had also served as technical adviser to the House select committee that went into the January sixth Capitol breach case. Now he is being an aid to Biden’s lawyers by viewing the data found on the First Son’s laptop. He is facing congressional inquiries over Biden’s coldcut, as CBS News reported on Tuesday, July Fourth.

“I and my forensics, data, and telephony team are conducting data investigations and analysis for Hunter Biden’s legal team,” Rigglemen said during a statement cited by the newsgroup, further noting that his legal time is focused on “data across the spectrum.”

CBS News wrote on Twitter: Former Republican Rep. Denver Riggleman of Virginia is working with the legal team advising President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, who is facing increasing scrutiny from House Republicans over his business dealings.

Fifty-three-year-old former Air Force intelligence officer and vocal critic of former President Donald Trump, Rigglement wrote a book of his own titled “The Breach,” which he used to argue that rightist extremism and conspiracy theories bring out a new problem in American Democracy.

Biden’s lawyer and confidant Kevin Morris went as far as to call Riggleman a “invaluable resource,” as well as confirming Rigglemen’s role in assisting their legal time since late 2022. “We have made tremendous strides in untangling the massive amount of corruption and disinformation involved in this story. There will be much more coming to the public,” Morris said to CBS. Upon Morris’s confirmation, he went on to say “We have made tremendous strides in untangling the massive amount of corruption and disinformation involved in this story. There will be much more coming to the public.”

Morris’ statements suggest Riggleman’s assistance with the variety of claims concerning the odd information found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was reported to be left in a computer repair shop in 2019 in Delaware. Those who had been made familiar with his work told CBS that Denver Riggleman has spent many months working hard on performing a digital forensic analysis on said laptop to determine whether any of the data found within the computer had been distorted or fabricated.

Way back during the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden’s campaign team convinced their “friends” around the globe to write a letter, passing his son off, stating that the laptop could possibly be from the Russian disinformation campaign. Though, through its assessments, the laptop’s contents have been reported to be perfectly authentic. There was no line tying back to Russia for this one.

The petitioners who funded that national security expert letter state that they have no regrets of their own. As one signatory, James Clapper, said; “ I don’t regret it. I thought, at the time, that it was appropriate to sound a warning about, watching out for the dark hand of the Russians. And in my case, this was on the heels of what I saw the Russians do in 2016 to interfere and influence the outcome of our election.” And yet, the national security adviser confessed during the same statement that “we didn’t have any direct evidence” of any Russian involvement.


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