Schumer Handed Crushing Defeat With Senate Vote 43-50

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After receiving insufficient support from Republicans, a plan that Democrats claimed would strengthen border security was unable to pass the Senate a second time.

The “Border Act,” which was previously stalled in February due to its connection to foreign aid, was not supported by enough votes to pass the upper house on its own and trigger cloture.

Democrats reintroduced the proposal this month, but just 43 members backed its advancement, compared to 50 who opposed it, according to the Daily Wire.

Senator James Lankford (R-OK), one of the members who worked on the bill for months, expressed disapproval of the leadership’s handling of the legislation’s resuscitation.

“I’m making it very clear with my vote that this is a stunt — not an attempt to do anything,” Lankford told Newsmax. “And I’m going to be interested in how many Democrats walk away from this.”

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, an Independent who is retiring and still affiliated with her previous party, chastised both Republicans and them for what she called “political theater” in lieu of taking President Joe Biden’s insufficient immigration and border security plans seriously.

House Republicans urged the Senate to approve H.R. 2, threatening to veto the bill “dead on arrival” if it made it to them. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) has declined to take this stricter border security bill—passed by the House last year—under consideration.

Prioritizing immigration over other issues is what most Americans are worried about as we approach the fall elections because of Biden’s agenda.

Schumer “should join House Republicans in demanding President Biden reverse course and use his executive authority to finally secure the border and protect American families,” according to a statement issued by Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) following the vote on Thursday.

Republicans have accurately pointed out that Biden does not require more powers to direct his Department of Homeland Security to enforce current immigration rules more strictly. Biden has blamed Republicans of being inaction on border security.

A poll by ABC/Ipsos of 539 persons was conducted between March 8 and 9. Of those surveyed, 36% said they trusted Trump, 33% said they trusted Biden, and 30% said they trusted neither candidate.

When asked how both presidents performed on their jobs, respondents rated Trump higher than Biden on every subject but abortion and climate change, according to a survey cited by The Post Millennial.

Regarding the economy, Trump received a 49 percent favorable rating compared to Biden’s 37 percent. In terms of inflation, 4/5 of respondents supported Trump, against 31% for Biden. When it came to criminality, 41 percent of voters thought more favorably of Trump than Biden did. In a similar vein, the former president was rated 45 percent favorably on immigration, while Biden came in last with 29 percent.

The economy is another major concern for Americans this year, and once again, Trump receives higher approval ratings than Biden in this area.

Former President Donald Trump is trusted more than Joe Biden on the economy, according to the most recent Financial Times-Michigan Ross poll, which was released last week. The difference is 8 points, or 43–35 percent.

“In another worrying sign for the White House, the monthly FT-Michigan Ross survey has consistently found voters trust Trump more than Biden when it comes to handling the economy,” according to the poll analysis, noting that Trump has gained 2 points since the previous survey.

Only 28% of voters say Biden has helped the economy, with a 58% disapproval rating compared to just 40% approval.







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