SCOTUS Steps In And Saves Trump With Unprecedented Move!

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After the recent U.S. Supreme Court session, former President Donald Trump expressed hope. His legal team asked for “presidential immunity” at the hearing in relation to the accusations made against him by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Speaking to reporters after spending hours in a Manhattan courtroom defending himself against thirty-four felony counts, Trump stated that he believed it was “made clear” that the president “has to have immunity.”

Judge Juan Merchan of New York dismissed Trump’s request to attend the arguments in Washington, D.C., and ordered the former president to be in his Manhattan courtroom each day of his criminal trial. According to the accusations brought against him, Trump fabricated financial documents in order to conceal payments of hush money made to Stormy Daniels, the star of adult films, and her former Playboy Playmate, Karen McDougal.

“I was forced to be here, and I’m glad I was because it was a very interesting day in a certain way,” Trump told reporters. “The U.S. Supreme Court had a monumental hearing on immunity and the immunity having to do with presidential immunity. And I think it was made clear, I hope it is very clear, that a president has to have immunity.”

Trump restated his earlier assertion that presidents would only have “ceremonial” power in the absence of immunity.

“That’s not what the founders had in mind,” he said. “We want presidents that can get quite amazing—quite amazing.” He added that the Supreme Court justices “were on their game.”

“So let’s see how that turns out,” he said. “But again, I say presidential immunity is very powerful. Presidential immunity is imperative, or you practically won’t have a country anymore.”

It is anticipated that the justices will rule in June. Legal experts have conjectured that the justices would remand the case to a lower court for review in accordance with their standards, while simultaneously granting Trump partial immunity for actions taken while in office.

During the hearing, Justice Neil Gorsuch suggested that after leaving office, former presidents should have some protection from future attacks.

“It didn’t matter what the president’s motives were; that’s something courts shouldn’t get engaged in … I am concerned about future uses of criminal law to target political opponents based on accusations about their motives,” the Supreme Court justice said on April 25.

First among Trump’s three nominees to the Supreme Court, Gorsuch made a suggestion at the hearing that future presidents might be allowed to pardon themselves before they leave office if the judges decide not to uphold the idea that presidents should have some kind of protection. As the Epoch Times reported, he added that he didn’t want to decide whether or not a president could use such authority.

“We’ve never answered whether a president can do that; happily, it’s never been presented to us,” Gorsuch said of whether a president can issue a pardon to himself before leaving office.

“What would happen if presidents were under fear that their successors would criminally prosecute them for their acts in office?” Inquiring about a fictitious scenario in which former President Barack Obama would be prosecuted for directing a drone strike that resulted in civilian casualties, Gorsuch also questioned.

Along with a number of other conservative-leaning justices, he expressed less concern with President Trump’s accusations and more about the Supreme Court’s overall decision on immunity.

“We’re writing a rule for the ages,” he stated.

“Whatever we decide is going to apply to all future presidents,” Justice Samuel Alito added.

According to accounts, Chief Justice John Roberts was one among the judges who made a suggestion that presidents shouldn’t be immune from prosecution in any capacity.

President Joe Biden was advised by Fox News anchor Mark Levin to hope that Donald Trump prevails in his application for Supreme Court immunity during a recent episode of “Life, Liberty, and Levin.”

The former president and current Republican contender is appealing to the Supreme Court, claiming that presidential immunity prevents him from being prosecuted for whatever crimes he may have committed while in office. Special Counsel Jack Smith’s prosecution of Trump in his DC criminal trial has been greatly hampered by this appeal.

In three separate jurisdictions, Trump is presently facing three further criminal indictments for a variety of offenses, including handling classified material and trying to rig the 2020 presidential election.

As the show came to a close, Levin cautioned that since Trump had a “long list” of “crimes” against the country, Biden should be rooting for him to win the appeal.

“Joe Biden, you better damn well hope that you lose that Supreme Court decision. You better damn well hope that immunity for your so-called official acts after you leave office protects you when you leave office, because I’m making a long list of the crimes that you’ve committed and the constitutional violations. Whether it’s the border and the deaths and the damage and the slavery that’s taking place there as a result of you,” Levin said.

“Whether it’s your violation of federal law, the Empowerment Act, withholding munitions that were passed by Congress, a clear violation of federal law. Let the dust off the Espionage Act. Oh, yeah. Because we have a report that says that you violated and on multiple grounds, a matter of fact, you sold out your country to a publisher for $8 million, spewing classified information from the government. It’s a long list, Joe. You better damn well hope you lose that immunity case in the Supreme Court,” Levin added.


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