Secret Service Rushes In When They Catch What Biden Was Doing In Public

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A video that went viral on Wednesday shows President Joe Biden having some trouble getting into an SUV. In the video, Biden is seen stumbling to get inside the car as Secret Service operatives rush to block his view of the cameras.

As the 2024 election draws nearer, worries over Biden’s advanced age have intensified. His age, which makes him the oldest president in American history at 81, is expected to play a significant role in his reelection campaign.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, has recently discounted a number of incidents that depicted Biden at comparable weak points. Democrats have come under fire from Republicans for downplaying worries about the President’s health and mobility.

A number of films that show Biden looking frozen during important events have surfaced in recent weeks. Among them are the G-7 summit in Italy, the D-Day remembrance ceremonies in France, and the campaign fundraiser that took place on Sunday.


According to polls, a large number of voters are skeptical of Biden’s capacity to serve another term. According to an NBC News poll, 64% of respondents overall are very concerned about his age and health, with the majority of Democratic supporters saying they are moderately to very concerned.

Even more strikingly, according to a different ABC News poll, 86% of Americans believe that Biden is too elderly to serve a second term. In spite of these reservations, Biden’s backers argue that his extensive background and accomplishments in policymaking should allay any concerns about his advanced age.

Reactions poured in on social media to this alarming scene:


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