Shock Over What Cameras Caught During Trump’s Surprise Campaign Stop

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During a campaign appearance in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on Friday, former President Donald Trump was warmly welcomed and shown some of his signature generosity.

Following a well-received address in the city, Trump served all the customers at a nearby Dairy Queen. He was greeted with cries of “USA!” and “We love Trump!” as he entered the building.

“Everyone wants a Blizzard,” Trump remarked as he started speaking with the employees at the counter. “What the hell is a Blizzard?” he asked.

After telling the counter staff to “take care of” the diners, Trump started giving out ice cream to customers.

“We want you back, Trump,” one woman was heard saying.

The former president also made a joke on a man’s clothes. He pointed to the garment, which clearly identified him as the 45th president and perhaps the 47th: “Look at that — 45, 47,” he added.

In April, the former president paid a surprise visit to a pizzeria in Fort Myers, Florida, and ordered meals for the customers present.

In his speech, Trump brought up his legal issues. According to The Western Journal, he claimed that “every time I get a subpoena, you know, my polls go up, I get more and more subpoenas.”

“These are crooked people. Never happened in our country. It’s called weaponization of the Department of Justice and the FBI. We’ve never had anything like this. And it’s all bulls***, too,” Trump said as the audience applauded.

“That’s why my polls go up. I’m the only person [who] ever got indicted who became more popular! Because people understand it,” he said.

Trump is right that President Joe Biden’s mental abilities look to be deteriorating quickly, and his polling numbers are increasing against him.

According to the most recent Harvard-Harris poll, the 45th president has seen a noticeable increase in favor, pointing to a possible road to victory next year if he wins the GOP nominee. He outperformed Biden by a whopping seven points in the poll (47 to 40 percent).

The survey evaluated potential races featuring Donald Trump and other well-known Democrats. For instance, the results showed that Trump received 50% of the vote, while Kamala Harris, the vice president, received only 39%.

Less than 33% of respondents, according to the survey, think that the nation is headed in the right way, which is a blatant sign that they don’t trust Biden’s policies. A troubling 66 percent of the participants also expressed concern about the direction of the American economy, indicating that they think it is going in the wrong direction. This is a glaring indication that people believe the current administration is incapable of managing the country’s financial situation.

At the same time, 50% of respondents said that the Biden administration had a negative impact on their personal finances. Additionally, only 21% of respondents indicated confidence in avoiding a potential recession in the poll.

Overall, the study revealed a troubling trend of pessimism regarding the nation’s economic prospects, which is likely to enhance the possibility that more Americans will support Trump given his standing as an effective leader when it comes to boosting the economy and creating jobs.

Prior to the COVID epidemic in early 2020, which resulted in widespread work stoppages and layoffs, the country’s unemployment rate dropped to 3.5 percent.


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