Shocking Turn of Events In Marine Vet Daniel Penny Case After New Arrest Made

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One day after urging prosecutors to reject any plea agreement with Marine Corps veteran Daniel Penny, the uncle of a mentally unstable vagrant who died following a subway altercation with Penny has been detained.

According to reports from the New York Post, Christopher Neely was taken into custody late Monday night. This individual, who is 44 years old, is the uncle of Jordan Neely, who passed away on May 1 after being detained while riding the subway in New York City.

Christopher Neely has demanded that Penny be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law by the progressive district attorney in Manhattan, Alvin Bragg.

“He needs to be prosecuted or he will do it again,” he told the Post on Sunday.

“It’s a smack in the face for Jordan’s family and the people of New York,” Neely said.

In relation to the incident that occurred in the subway, Penny is being charged with manslaughter.

During what eyewitnesses on the F train in New York City described as a potentially dangerous outburst, the veteran was one of many passengers who restrained Jordan Neely.

They noted that Penny responded in the best interest of the safety of others on the train by restraining Neely as he violently threatened other passengers. This action was praised as being in the best interest of those on the train.

According to the Post, the older Neely was detained by the New York Police Department’s pickpocketing team on Monday for allegedly snatching purses from restaurants. The arrest was made in connection with an ongoing investigation.

The article adds that sources who are aware with the arrest stated that he fought cops while he was being taken into custody.

Neely is being accused of unauthorized possession of a weapon, resisting arrest, and jumping bail, in addition to being charged with criminal possession of stolen items.

It appears that he has a criminal history just as lengthy as his nephew has.

Jordan Neely was taken into custody dozens of times, notably for assaults committed on public transportation systems.

According to the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom, Christopher Neely was taken into custody on Monday with two outstanding warrants for his arrest. Neely has a long criminal history, having been detained more than seventy times previously.

When he was taken into custody, the police said he was in possession of a number of credit cards that had been stolen.

The allegations against Neely connected to pickpocketing have not been resolved, and he has not yet entered a plea.


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