Six Biden Family Members Busted In Massive Criminal Enterprise

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Several members of Joe Biden’s family may have benefited from business deals related to his influence peddling, according to documents reviewed by Republicans on the House Oversight Committee on Monday.

In conjunction with its continued investigation of the Biden family’s financial records, the GOP-led panel has also interviewed those associated with alleged foreign business transactions.

As a member of the committee, Rep. Nancy Mace said that suspicious activity reports involve ‘astronomical’ amounts of money and that a large number of Biden family members are involved.

‘We’ve now identified 6 additional members of Joe Biden’s family who may have benefited from shady deals. This brings our total to 9,’ disclosed Oversight Chairman James Comer on Monday.

And of course, Democratic members of the committee are once again decrying the moves by the opposition. They claim that the investigation is only meant to obtain ‘political dirt’ on the Bidens.

‘After years of pursuing political dirt against the Biden family, today’s statement by Chairman Comer once again proves that he has failed to uncover evidence of any wrongdoing by President Biden,’ according to a spokesperson for Oversight Democrats.

“Oversight members went to the Treasury Department to review more suspicious activity reports (SARs)involving Biden and his family amid allegations that Hunter Biden used his father’s influence to engage in foreign business deals,” the Daily Mail reported.

The family members that Comer has already claimed benefitted are Biden’s brother Jim and Beau Biden’s widow Hallie, who dated her late husband’s brother Hunter in the years following his death. 

Mace said in a selfie video posted to her Instagram on Monday that the transactions she reviewed involved claims of money going to ‘prostitution rings,’ likely in reference to Hunter Biden paying money to an escort service to transport prostitutes across state lines. 

‘Just left the Treasury to review over 100 suspicious activity reports on the Biden family and I have to tell you, there are more Bidens involved than we knew previously,’ Mace stated as she walked out of the Treasury Department into Washington DC’s streets. ‘And every time you unturn, overturn or look under a stone, there’s so much more you have to investigate.’

‘It’s wild the number of family members involved, and it’s even – the amount of money that we’re talking about in these suspicious activity reports is astronomical,’ Mace declared.

‘And the accusations there, and the source of the funding or where the money’s going – the shell companies, prostitution rings, etc. – it’s insanity even to me that it’s not been investigated in the way that it should be.’

“Comer revealed Monday that after the Oversight panel reviewed more records on Monday, it was made clear that the reach of foreign influence peddling benefitted more than just a few members of the president’s family,” the Mail reported added.

‘We will provide more details soon,’ Comer said.

A spokesperson for the Kentucky lawmaker told that the panel is not yet providing the names of additional family members who may have benefitted from the deals outside of Jim and Hallie Biden.

Democrats are furious, claiming that Comer and Republicans on the panel are drawing their own conclusions and mischaracterizing SARs as evidence in their probes.

‘Committee Republicans continue to mischaracterize Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) as evidence of misconduct or criminality, instead of calling them what they are: unsubstantiated tips that rarely result in any follow-up by law enforcement,’ Democrats on the panel said in a statement to

According to additional information released by Republicans last week, Hallie is the third member of the first family under investigation by Comer. There are now nine in total.

Moreover, Hallie reportedly received a cut of the $3 million sent by China to Hunter Biden’s associate after her husband Beau passed away from brain cancer, where she dated Hunter from 2016-2019.

“In a memo, Republicans claim that Hallie received $35,000 in two transfers in March from Biden family associate John ‘Rob’ Walker, after he received a $3 million wire from the Chinese State Energy HK Limited, a firm affiliated with CEFC China Energy,” the Mail reported continued.

In a major announcement on Monday, congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed to have discovered evidence of a massive criminal operation involving the Bidens.

Based on Treasury financial reports, Green discovered a convoluted network of LLCs and wire transfers originating from foreign countries, purporting to be a business. A potential whistleblower was encouraged to come forward by Greene and promised protection in exchange.

“I just walked out of the Treasury after reviewing financial reports on the Biden’s and their web of LLC’s and wire transfers from MANY foreign countries that created a vast criminal enterprise bigger than anyone can comprehend,” Greene posted on Twitter.

“Whistleblowers can receive protection if they come forward now.”

“Less than a week ago, a Chinese-American bank provided Senate Republicans with records revealing millions of dollars transferred from Chinese firms to Hunter Biden and James Biden. The bank voluntarily gave the records to the two Senators, which showed deep financial ties between Hunter Biden and James Biden with CEFC China Energy, a now-defunct Chinese energy conglomerate with ties to the Chinese Communist Party,” Trending Politics reported.

In March, Bank of America complied with a subpoena issued by the House Oversight Committee that requested “all financial records” from 2009 to present, relating to all individuals associated with Hunter Biden, who established a “joint venture” with executives from CEFC China Energy.


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