Soros-Backed US Attorney Resigns After Lying Under Oath To Conceal Crimes, Leaking Info

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The US Attorney for Massachusetts, Rollins, who is reportedly supported by Soros, violated the Hatch Act twice in 2022 by abusing her position, according to a report from the Office of Special Counsel (OSC). In July 2022, she attended a “political party fundraiser in her official capacity” that featured Jill Biden. Rollins lied and said she had obtained the necessary “approval” to meet the first lady for this event. However, according to some accounts, the authorization she was granted was “limited.”

In the second infraction, which occurred between August and September, she “repeatedly attempted to sabotage the campaign of a political candidate by leaking non-public U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) information to the media to plant a story that the candidate she opposed was facing a DOJ investigation.”

The OSC called the second infraction “one of the most egregious Hatch Act violations that OSC has ever investigated.”

According to the Hatch Act, public servants are not allowed to use their position of power improperly to influence elections.

“Political activity” is defined in the report as “activity directed toward the success or failure of a political party, partisan political group, or candidate for partisan political office and includes attending a political event.”

According to the report, Rollins was found to have “interfered with or affected[ed]” the result of the race for district attorney (DA) of Suffolk County, Massachusetts in 2022 when she revealed information about her office’s potential DOJ investigation into DA Kevin Hayden, a candidate she was opposing.

According to the report, Ricardo Arroyo, Hayden’s opponent, received significant backing from Rollins, who also proposed that her office open an inquiry against Hayden throughout the campaign.

“It “[w]ould be the best thing I can have happen at this moment,” Arroyo wrote to Rollins.

“Understood. Keep fighting and campaigning. I’m working on something,” Rollins wrote back.

According to the Free Beacon: Rollins’s resignation is a setback for Soros, who has seen a string of electoral victories in recent years after funding the campaigns for progressive prosecutors around the country. Massachusetts Democratic senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren were Rollins’s largest supporters during her Senate confirmation fight. In a Wednesday statement, the two said that “Rachael Rollins has for years dedicated herself to the people of Massachusetts and equal justice under the law.”


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