Space Force general admits access to gender surgery a bigger priority than accepting better qualified candidates

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The U.S. Space Force has unmistakably become “woke,” as was demonstrated during a recent Department of Defense “Pride” event.

U.S. Space Force Lt. Gen. DeAnna M. Burt made a lot of “woke” comments about her work throughout the occasion.


“Transformational cultural change requires leadership from the top, and we do not have time to wait. Since January of this year, more than 400 anti-LGBT+ laws have been introduced at the state level,” she began.

“That number is rising and demonstrates a trend that could be dangerous to our service members, their families, and the readiness of the force as a whole,” she continued.

The majority of the time, the so-called “anti-LGBT+” laws simply forbid kids from getting puberty retarders, transsexual surgery, and other irreversible operations. What this has to do with the military’s readiness is unclear.

It’s also unclear if it’s appropriate for a high-ranking federal agent to object to state laws that seem to bother her personally.

“When I look at potential candidates, say for squadron command, I strive to match the right person to the right job. I consider their job performance and relevant experience first. However, I also look at their personal circumstances, and their family is also an important factor,” Burt added.

“If a good match for a job does not feel safe being themselves and performing at their highest potential at a given location, or if their family could be denied critical healthcare due to the laws in that state, I am compelled to consider a different candidate and perhaps less qualified,” she concluded.

She is therefore prepared to forgo candidate excellence at the altar of the modern LGBT movement’s “cult of transgenderism,” as its detractors on the right refer to it.

Burt’s words have drawn harsh criticism:

Lt. Col. Matt Lohmeier, a former member of the Space Force who was removed of command two years ago after writing a book about how Marxism was eroding the U.S. military, has also spoken criticism.

“I was once fired from command in the @SpaceForceDoD for allegedly ‘being politically partisan while acting in an official capacity.’ That allegation was totally false. Lt Gen Burt here demonstrates what being politically partisan while acting in an official capacity really looks like,” he tweeted late Wednesday afternoon.


However, Burt wasn’t the only one who behaved badly at the DoD “Pride” event.

Multiple “[s]enior Defense Department leaders used an event celebrating Pride Month at the Pentagon … to sound the alarm about the rising number of state laws they say target the LGBTQ community, warning the trend is hurting the armed forces,” Politico reported.

Gil Cisneros, the undersecretary of defense for preparedness and personnel, for instance, stated that “LGBTQ+ and other diverse communities are under attack just because they are different. Hate for hate’s sake.”

The military’s emphasis on “wokeness,” according to Rep. Jim Banks, chair of the House Armed Services Committee’s military personnel panel, has “harmed recruitment, retention and morale, wasted service members’ time and taxpayer dollars, and undermined the apolitical character of the military, which is a major threat to democracy and the American way of life,” according to a statement he released in response to the uproar.


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