Speaker Johnson Just Sealed His Fate After Sticking It To Republicans

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Congress is unlikely to enact any legislation this year that incorporates border security measures, according to the office of House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA).

A spokesman for Johnson’s office predicted that the Republican drive to enact border security reform in the 118th Congress will ultimately prove to be a pipe dream.

Republicans in the House have enacted numerous laws pertaining to immigration enforcement and border security, according to Johnson’s office.

However, the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats, has not taken up any of these bills.

According to the Johnson spokesman, Republicans and Democrats still disagree greatly on this matter.

In the meanwhile, any significant changes to border policy would depend on President Donald Trump regaining the White House in 2019. This is the expectation of House GOP leaders.

“House Republicans have passed multiple border security bills – including our signature Secure the Border Act, Laken Riley Act, and Consequences for Social Security Fraud Act – which have been ignored by the Democrat Senate and proves their unseriousness when it comes to dealing with the border catastrophe,” Johnson’s office said.

“Democrats have only proposed measures for political cover that won’t fix the problem, and Republicans are not going to let the White House accept anything less than transformative change.”

“House Republicans understand that the only way to truly solve the problem is to elect President Trump in November.”

This comes after the speaker called an extraordinary Saturday meeting to approve his plan for $95 billion in foreign aid.

Although the large bipartisan majority showed that Johnson had succeeded in his still-relatively-new leadership role, conservatives are furious over the decision.

Johnson has been under growing fire from Republicans for compromising on important bills.

Many are incensed that Johnson approved over $61 billion in aid for Ukraine without attempting to ram through legislation pertaining to border security.

“The only path forward for substantive border legislation was to leverage the Biden regime’s push for more Ukraine aid,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) wrote on X last week.

Johnson has also insisted for months that President Biden may use executive action to end the border situation on his own.

The White House has resisted calls for a permanent solution, claiming that Congress must act.

The announcement from Johnson’s office on Tuesday comes amid growing skepticism on whether the speaker had recently discussed the prospect of executive action on the border with Biden.

House Republicans may try to block Senate immigration legislation during the upcoming major legislative battle, which is over government financing for the fiscal year 2025.

Republicans in both the Senate and the House claimed the border measures included would have just formalized the terrible policies already in place under the Biden administration, which is why an earlier attempt to pass foreign aid alongside a bipartisan border security pact failed.

Republicans urged Democrats to support their Secure the Border Act, but they declined.

The GOP’s immigration policies from the Trump administration are being criticized by the Left as nonsensical.



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