Stacey Abrams Humiliated By Another Crushing Blow

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The voting rights organization led by Stacey Abrams is facing a significant amount of debt, which has led to the termination of numerous employees. As the former Democratic candidate for governor and someone who denies the legitimacy of the election, Abrams is facing challenges in maintaining the financial stability of her own endeavor.

The Atlanta Constitution-Journal initially reported on Abrams’ predicament, which coincides with Fair Fight, an organization established after her defeat in 2018, undergoing a “restructuring” process to address its $2.5 million debt. According to financial data, Fair Fight currently possesses a mere $1.9 million in available funds.

Lauren Groh-Wargo, a prominent assistant to Abrams in her second gubernatorial campaign in 2021, stated in an interview that she will be resuming her role in overseeing the reductions, which will result in a decrease of personnel ranging from 25 to 75 percent.

The layoffs, sanctioned by the organization’s board, will severely diminish a progressive organization that undoubtedly secured two U.S. Senate seats for Democrats and assisted Joe Biden in closely winning Georgia in 2020. Since its establishment, Fair Fight has accumulated over $100 million in funding.

A significant portion of the group’s financial losses can be attributed to long and drawn-out legal disputes. Following True the Vote’s endeavor in 2020 to invalidate 250,000 voter registrations, Fair Fight engaged in a protracted legal dispute lasting over three years. Recently, a federal court issued a ruling that was unfavorable to Fair Fight. Georgia faced another lawsuit about its limitations on absentee ballots, which ultimately ended in a defeat and a mandate to reimburse the state for $231,000 in legal expenses.

In 2022, following her defeat in the rematch against Republican Governor Brian Kemp, Abrams decided to separate herself from the daily activities of Fair Fight. Shortly thereafter, the group expressed concern that its nationwide fundraising efforts were diminishing in anticipation of the 2024 elections, thereby marginalizing a significant organizational component of the Democratic Party in a crucial swing state. Recent polling data indicates that former President Donald Trump currently holds an advantage of eight percentage points over President Joe Biden.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has initiated a controversial legal lawsuit against Trump in Georgia. Following the apprehension of the leading candidate from the Republican Party, a large and varied group of followers gathered along the streets to accompany his motorcades. This development is concerning for Democrats, as they observe a significant number of black and Latino voters abandoning their support for Biden.


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