Steve Bannon Issues Urgent Warning – BE AWARE

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Steve Bannon, the former White House chief strategist, asserted on Monday that a significant confrontation will occur in the Spring to determine if Nikki Haley will be chosen as former President Donald Trump’s running partner for the 2024 election.

While speaking on Human Events with Jack Posobiec, Bannon made a forecast, stating, “We are anticipating a significant conflict that will occur in the Spring.”

He proceeded:

They’re gonna try to force Nikki on the ticket. They’ll say Trump needs a woman, Nikki on the ticket, she balances things and she can bring together that 15% of Never Trumpers in the Republican party. We’re going to have to have that fight. If Nikki Haley is in this administration in any capacity, it will fail. She’s a viper. She’s a viper and once she gets in there, she’ll try to run it as prime minister. She’ll try to be Dick Cheney. Her to Trump will be just like Dick Cheney to Bush. That’s what she’ll try to do.

In a recent story, CBS News revealed that Trump had been soliciting input from his advisers over the suitability of Nikki Haley as a prospective vice presidential candidate. This occurred despite strong opposition from Trump’s allies.

Tucker Carlson, a former host on Fox News, expressed his intention to oppose Trump’s reelection campaign if Haley were to be included as a candidate. Similarly, Donald Trump Jr. stated that he would take significant measures to prevent such a combination from occurring.


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