Strange Change Made To Air Force One Proves What’s Wrong With Biden

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Joe Biden has been boarding and exiting Air Force One via a smaller staircase for the past few months after a number of humiliating tripping or stumbling incidents. In pictures and videos, Biden can be seen ascending and descending a tiny stairway that goes to the Boeing 747-200B’s undercarriage rather than the big staircase that usually belongs to presidents who are physically capable of doing so.

At least three times this year, Biden has stumbled or fallen in front of others, most notably at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony on June 1st, where he stumbled and struggled to get himself back up.

The small stairs are shown in a video that the RNC shared on Monday morning of Biden boarding Air Force One for a fundraising trip to California.

Photograph by Bloomberg reporter Akayla Gardner:

Photographer Al Drago for the New York Times on June 9:

Biden’s use of the quick steps may not be fully secure. On Saturday in Delaware, he nearly fell off Air Force One:

When Biden visited Ireland in April, he utilized the short steps:

During his trip to California, which took place six months ago, Biden used of the standard staircase:

And on March 28:

Biden suffered a fall while using the long staircase in Poland in February of last year:

Biden has occasionally climbed the short steps in previous years, although not as frequently as in the previous few months.


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