Surprise Presidential Candidate Hits Double Digits, Moves Into Third Place

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One unexpected development thus far in the 2024 general election season has been the gradual ascent of Republican Vivek Ramaswamy.

According to the findings of a recent poll, the anti-woke 37-year-old multimillionaire has entered the double digits and has moved up to third position, trailing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump.

Ramaswamy scored 10% in the most recent Echelon Insights poll, which was conducted June 26–29. The former president scored 49% and the Florida governor scored 16%. With barely 5%, former Vice President Mike Pence took fourth place. In the most recent weekly survey from Morning Consult, Ramaswamy has also experienced a considerable increase in both name recognition and favorability.

The Republican presidential contenders were challenged by Ramaswamy on June 13 to promise to pardon Trump if he is found guilty on federal charges— “or explain why you won’t.” Ramaswamy’s challenge garnered national attention.

I challenge every US Presidential candidate to join me in standing for TRUTH. Commit to pardon Donald Trump for these federal charges on Day 1, or explain why you won’t. No one should hide. Not Biden. Not DeSantis. Not Haley. Not Pence. Not RFK. Not Scott. Not anyone. Principles over politics.

Politics second to principles. On both sides of the political spectrum, if only.

The same clear example we usually see when Democrats are alarmed by the message of a right-wing enemy: savage attacks as part of the same old politics of personal destruction they adore. This is one surefire indication that the left is wary of Ramaswamy. It has been used against everyone, including Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump, and Clarence Thomas.

In a shockingly racist cartoon published by Iowa’s Quad-City Times, Ramaswamy is seen as a “anti-woke crusader” who is “welcomed” by bigoted Republican backers who yell, “Muslim!” “Get me a SLUSHEE, Apu!” and “Show us your birth certificate!” Ramaswamy is a devout Hindu.

After Ramaswamy successfully retaliated two days later, the paper made a hollow pledge, absurdly asserting that the racist caricature “slipped through our editorial process.”

In late April, Ramaswamy said: “Abortion is a form of murder.” This statement has resonated powerfully with hardline pro-life voters.

I think abortion is a form of murder. Murder is dealt with through state law, not federal law. I think we should be consistent about that. That’s what the Constitution demands.

Also in April, Ramaswamy educated former CNN host Don Lemon on his lack of knowledge regarding the Civil Rights topic.

Don Lemon should actually study civil rights history before spouting off about it. Shouting down ideas you don’t like & restricting what you can say based on your skin color won’t bring us together. Open debate will. I’ll keep going on any network to debate the other side & revive the ideals that make this country great. Facts first.

Ramaswamy is undoubtedly intelligent, but his incisive communication skills and clear explanation of the issues have attracted national attention for only one reason: He says what he means, isn’t scared to express his opinions, and doesn’t give a damn about the left’s haters.

Finally, Ramaswamy challenged the established quo while exhibiting a strong commitment to conservative ideals in a bold, 25-point America First 2.0 proposal.

Vivek Ramaswamy simply makes too much sense for Republicans to ignore, especially as he continues to grow in the polls, even if there is still a lot of water to flow under the Republican primaries and general election bridge in 2024. Young Vivek is making a good case for consideration for the VP position at this early stage, even if he’s undoubtedly a long shot to win the nomination.


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