The Great Reset Is Almost Here – Are You Prepared?

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For a moment, consider a future in which everything we currently understand about survival and operating in the economy is fundamentally altered. As a result of the world’s full digitalization, individuals now live in a culture where cashless transactions are either forbidden or discouraged and CBDCs take their place. Nothing is private now unless you are working as a lawbreaker inside a black market because all transactions are monitored and traceable.

Additionally, all types of industry are openly suppressed and micromanaged by the government. Small enterprises are extinct, and the only ones still allowed to exist are a small number of huge firms that collaborate closely with the government.

Not only is cash illegal and everyone must utilize a digital ledger, but the government also controls the very data networks and passageways we use to transmit money, which serves as the plumbing for the whole global financial system. The globalists have the capacity to lock down personal or commercial accounts, much as the SWIFT data network. Restrict owners’ full rights to their money.

AI-based monitoring systems are currently sifting through billions of transactions each minute in search of “anomalies.” The algorithm is made to recognize anyone who desires anonymity.

Although it still exists, the internet is only a shadow of what it once was. People frequently use it to finish tasks that have been given to them and to access authorized research databases. Data suppliers face significant censorship. Cryptocurrencies are not a replacement for CBDCs since the AI watchdog will immediately identify any effort to buy or sell them.

There are strict regulations limiting what websites can say and do, and only those that have been approved by the government are allowed to operate. The majority of the data used by the general population is provided by AI chatbots, whose parameters are under the control of globalists. Only the information that the elites want the public to know is ever presented. All opposing information is removed. It is simply removed from the record until those who remember it are no longer around, therefore it isn’t really forbidden.

Although it may sound like science fiction, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) are now evaluating every aspect of this technology.

Recently, during the Covid pandemic hysteria, groups like the World Economic Forum (WEF) started publicly endorsing a theory referred to as the Great Reset. A new economic paradigm, a revolution in which AI controls everything, humans are confined to a small number of “vital” jobs provided by the government, and a new type of technological socialism rule our lives are all possible.

A disregard for private property would occur. In a “shared economy,” when everything is borrowed on a daily basis from the common system, no one owns anything and people live day to day, there is no such thing as private property. Most people lack the opportunity to accumulate or store wealth. No plan is in place to address potential requirements or emergencies in the future. You are on the state’s agenda, citizen!

Practically speaking, people stop being active participants in their own life. Instead, they are all controlled by distant, technologically advanced overlords who reside in tall towers.

The beginning of a brand-new horrific era of feudalism would mark the beginning of the Great Reset, or “Fourth Industrial Revolution” as it is frequently referred to. It represents a return to slavery and the oligarch and peasant model. The typical individual would never be permitted to work to build money for the future; they would only be permitted to labor to survive.

A global digital currency system would be the main entry point to this dystopian nightmare. The globalists wouldn’t be able to impose the other aspects of their Reset without a cashless society.

However, when and how will they put this abomination into practice, and why would anyone support it?

Globalists frequently implement policies incrementally, but occasionally they use dramatic crisis situations to intimidate the populace into accepting measures that would have taken years to implement otherwise. “Never waste a crisis,” the saying goes.

This was evident during the epidemic, when the majority of the Reset ideas were openly acknowledged, maybe because the globalists believed they had the world under control and that there was nothing anybody could do to stop them. There was a lot of discussion of cashless solutions to stop the spread of Covid on real money.

You know, just like how contaminated money in the fourteenth century spread the Black Death throughout Europe. Or in 1918, filthy dollars spread the Spanish flu from shopper to cashier… Burning all the money was obviously the only way to put an end to such calamities.

Nonsense. The crisis was ineffective because the Covid window slammed shut.

We must question today: When will they give it another shot?

Thankfully, they have actually informed us…

The year 2030 is frequently cited by globalist groups as their deadline for completing the many initiatives they have in place. Not merely the “Great Reset” and various carbon taxing objectives. The WEF refers to the goal of transforming the world by 2030 as a social contract. It is simply referred to as Agenda 2030 by the UN.

That’s not at all foreboding, is it?

This indicates that they aim to install their control grid in no more than seven years. Without an enormous crisis of bone-rattling proportions, that would be impossible. They would need to test out some of the components of their master plan first, though, by introducing them early. In this manner, the public will be aware of the “solutions” the elites previously prepared with crises in mind when tragedy does occur.

Right now, this procedure is in progress.

Digital currencies, or cryptocurrencies, have already been extensively covered in the media. Though most individuals don’t own cryptocurrency and the majority of those who do don’t use it frequently, everyone has heard of it. Uncle Sam’s bitcoin, or CBDCs, will be promoted as a “safer and more stable” cryptocurrency.

Australia is currently being used as a test site for distributing CBDCs across the entire country. Their experimental programs are scheduled to end this summer, and they have already completed international transactions using the brand-new “eAUD” currency. Of course, they haven’t yet provided a timeline for when the eAUD will be made available to Australian people or even international exchange markets. The mechanism already exists and can be adopted by any other country.

That’s how easy it is, in fact.

Even the most naive globalist understands that some countries, notably the United States, will never adopt a cashless society without experiencing a total collapse of their currency and economy. Simply put, it won’t happen otherwise.

Even after a complete economic collapse, I doubt many Americans would stand in a line to receive such a demeaning and enslaving money.

In other words, only a widespread catastrophe affecting the West as a whole including the United States could conceivably result in the willing acceptance of CDBCs. The necessary catastrophe would probably arise after a few years of “reconstruction,” when a few dozen million people would be homeless and famished in refugee camps. It would then be time for the globalist cashless “solutions”.

If we use the globalist deadline of 2030 as a benchmark, we can anticipate another crisis in the next three to four years that will be even more repressive, ubiquitous, and destructive of our rights than the Covid pandemic. The elites require a 1-2 year crisis, a 1-2 year “reconstruction” and, I’m sure, “reeducation” time in order to achieve their goals. The modification would then become permanent.

The more people learn about the globalists’ objective the longer they wait, the less likely it is that they will succeed.

Take action right once to protect your family and yourself against the socialists’ eventual goal. Make sure you have completely anonymous, untraceable, and uninflatable reserves of wealth (real gold and silver for everything else, barter commodities for commerce, and needs like food and water for survival). They have you exactly where they want you when you rely on them for your most basic needs.


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