Things Quickly Go Off The Rails When Biden and Fetterman Meet Up in Philadelphia

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President Joe Biden and Senator John Fetterman scheduled a meeting together on Saturday, June 17th, presumably to address the collapse of a bridge in Philadelphia, PA. This meeting is surprising for a multitude of reasons. It is also raising questions about whether both of them are actually capable of fulfilling their governmental positions, which has been proven false.

To begin, President Joe Biden was met at an airport by an elected U.S. Senator wearing only his gym shorts and a hoodie. This attire, which has very lazy connotations, has set off the public. Nothing seems to really be worth dressing up for anymore in America.

In defense of Fetterman, many claim that he consistently wears the shorts and hoodie combination to help cope with the severe depression that reduced him to the hospital for many months earlier in the year. However, even if this argument is true, it also leads to an obvious question: how could someone with such a poor mental state, who couldn’t even put on a suit to meet the president, be a US Senator? Even though this is an argument about attire, holding basic standards for politicians and their clothing is objectively a good idea. Americans should have a secure belief in those who represent them, and giving them standards is the way to do that.

Fetterman and Biden eventually took to a podium to begin their joint presser, though it isn’t a surprise that there were many pathetic errors.

Senator John Fetterman stated, “It’s a pleasure to be here and to introduce my friend, Congressman Boyle Bile,” before shaking Biden’s hand and stepping back. However, the congressman he was introducing was Representative Brendan Boyle, not an imaginary Boyle Bile.

Fetterman also said, “[Biden] is here to commit to work with the governor and the delegadation to make sure that we get this fixed quick, fast, as well, too. This is a president that is committed to infructure, yeah, and then on top of that the jewel kind of a law of the infration.” All spelling errors in this quote are to depict how he pronounced each word.

This transcription is bad, though the videos where he says them are worse. The press has made numerous claims that the senator is recovering quickly from the bad stroke he had mid-2022. Though, seeing him now, after all assertions, it can be assumed that his state is either getting worse or has plateaued. A senator with the inability to ask questions to witnesses properly is a severe problem and can speak for the state of the country.

It isn’t ableist to admit that Fetterman isn’t suitable for his job. In all walks of life, there are people who aren’t capable of fulfilling certain jobs. Having such inability wouldn’t deem someone to be a bad person or lacking in worth. This only means they don’t have the ability to do a certain job. In the same case, John Fetterman doesn’t have the ability to be in the US senate.

Then there’s the issue of Joe Biden. The permanent issue of Joe Biden.

Joe Biden leans over to the podium to give a completely unneeded joke about “sleeping alone”, which causes exactly one audience member to laugh. Only one. Everyone in the room appeared to be baffled by this behavior. That wouldn’t stop him, though. Instead, he then says, “I have to explain that,” before giving the explanation that “[his] wife’s a Philly girl.” No one was laughing, and instead the room fell to complete silence as they tried to decipher what he was saying, an endless condition for Biden. He ends the presser by once again forgetting how to exit a stage.

The media is stuck on how Joe Biden could be in Philadelphia to address the collapsing of a bridge there, when he was deemed too busy by the White house to visit East Palestine, where a devastating train derailment occurred, which spread toxic chemicals throughout the community. The president can be making trips to Pennsylvania, though still hasn’t found the time to make a trip to East Palestine.

The president hasn’t made this trip because he has an open disdain for the people who don’t support him. This same grudge can explain why he never went to Nashville following the attack on a Christian Elementary school. Joe Biden can’t be considered a unifier of the country. Instead, he is a divider and wants the nation to know it.


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