Threat At Local Steve Bannon Event Ends In Crash Into Sewage Tank

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Steve Bannon, a top political strategist for the America First movement, has been the target of political opponents who hate America. And this week he was the target of a potential mass shooting, according to local Ohio news.

Bannon and his team had apparently displeased two social justice activists, who threatened to go on a rampage and injure innocent people even more, saying they would commit crimes that would likely kill people.

The threats Bannon and his associates faced came just one day after a horrifying shooting at a church school. A young trans person/social justice activist who had severe mental illness shot and killed six people.

John Fredricks and Real America’s Voice morning programs, including Steve Bannon’s War Room and Ed Henry and Karen Turk’s morning programs, filmed lived from East Palestine Oh, on Tuesday and Wednesday to give a voice to the forgotten men and women of the area, who have been pleading for assistance from the federal government after an early February environmental disaster there.

The title of their series was “Abandoned” because, except for President Donald J. Trump, who called in to speak live on Wednesday, no officials cared about what was going on there.

It was Trump’s second foray into East Palestine, where he had personally gone in February with trucks of clean water for the people there, lending some moral and emotional support to a very hurt community.



Bannon’s War Room is the top political podcast program for activism.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, he gave the floor to the forgotten families and citizens in Ohio who are facing painful days of confusion, frustration, and sadness after their community.

Many of his guests described their injuries and illnesses since the disaster. Then, real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam explained his investigations into the bizarre chemical leaks from the river and creek beds.

Reports from a pollster, Rasmussen Reports, were released on Tuesday that showed the significant concerns in the area, with 71% of voters who said they had “quality concerns’ about the water there, reposing Bergquam’s reporting about the water beds, as well.

The corporate media has blocked out the plight of the small-town residents, likely, as uncovered by citizen reporter Benny Johson, because Democrats Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg, the transportation secretary, want government resources to go to “Blue areas.”

So the independent media in the area is a lifeline to the citizens, who are being ignored by everyone else.

Real America’s Voice went to the effort of going into a totally new type of broadcasting, so the people of the area would be forgotten no more.

But that doesn’t mean everyone was happy about it.

Bannon’s guests described the horrifying details of a Norfolk and Southern train derailment. Then the aftermath of the crash was the “controlled explosion” of a tanker full of chemicals, which residents in the area said made them feel like they were purposefully “bombed” with a massive, toxic chemical explosion.

One guest showed a photo of the explosion on Wednesday to Ed Henry and Karen Turk, which made the area around the photographer look like a scene out of Armageddon. The photo was taken when a derailed train was set ablaze in what the government calls a “controlled burn.”

Other guests showed footage of small children covered with strange rashes and uncovered all along the way that Joe Biden and his administration are not doing anything to help the people.

Bergquam uncovered that no one from the government or media was doing much of anything to clean the water or soothe the concerns of the people:

Bannon, a powerful supporter of President Donald J. Trump’s America First agenda and a leading creator of the Populist alliance called the MAGA movement, has been a target of Trump’s opposition for a long time, so it isn’t a surprise that someone wants to stop Bannon, so they could stop the fantastic progress he and Real America’s Voice was making for the embattled people of the area.

Reports of the attack come from local OH news:

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) – A man and woman from Northeast Ohio are due in court later this week after an incident Tuesday in East Palestine while political talk show host Steve Bannon was in town.

Police say, Alfred Ferrara, of Cleveland, is charged with inducing panic and resisting arrest after threatening to shoot up the restaurant where Bannon was hosting his syndicated show, sending several schools on lockdown after hoax threat calls.

WKBN reported with more details:

Ferrara and companion Mary Schroeder of Hudson then drove to the village’s water and sewer plant, where their car got stuck in a tank full of raw sewage and human waste.

Police provided WKBN with photos of the car, and Schroeder was covered in the muck.

Courtesy: East Palestine Police Department

Both are also charged with criminal trespass and are sitting in the Columbiana County Jail.


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