Top Fox News Anchors Deliver Devastating News To Network

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According to Variety, confidential sources have claimed that on April 26, Tucker Carlson had a chat with one of the board members of Fox Corp., who stated that his interim suspension was a condition of Fox News’ settlement with Dominion Voting Systems.

Even though this condition was not written down in the settlement agreement, according to the allegations, it was verbally communicated. Fox’s commitment to this demand was absolutely necessary for the completion of the settlement, which depended on their cooperation.

It seemed as though Dominion was trying to cause the greatest harm possible to the conservative news network by terminating its links with the cable news personality who had the highest number of viewers. Insiders who are aware with the situation said that the intention behind this move by Dominion was to deal a devastating blow in the hopes that it will result in a widespread loss of viewers.

“That condition was intended to hurt Fox, and Tucker is just collateral damage,” stated a source with knowledge of the situation. “Dominion wanted to punish Fox, and it’s working.” Fox’s ratings have taken a significant hit since Tucker was fired as well.

While Fox went so far as to call these assertions “categorically false,” Dominion filed a statement opposing any requests relating to Carlson’s employment, and both companies issued statements denying the allegations.

As a consequence of this, several Fox anchors have expressed interest in following Carlson’s lead and joining him on Twitter. Reportedly, some of these anchors have communicated with Carlson either directly or through intermediaries in order to convey their willingness to do so as soon as their current contracts come to an end.

Variety reported:

Carlson’s Twitter move could have additional reverberations with talent at the network. A handful of Fox anchors have reached out to Carlson directly or had their surrogates contact him to say they are eager to join whatever venture he starts on Twitter when their contracts are up, according to sources.

After being let go on April 24, Carlson contacted Bryan Freedman, a prominent attorney in the Hollywood entertainment industry, to handle the disagreement regarding the contract. Freedman is a seasoned entertainment litigator who is recognized for his tough style. He has represented a number of clients in the entertainment business who are prominent figures.

The sources claimed that the anchor is willing to pursue legal action or allow the network to self-destruct while trying to question the principles of free speech if Fox seeks to hamper Carlson’s Twitter show, where he boasts a considerable following of 7.5 million people.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, provided additional information regarding Tucker Carlson’s show that is broadcast on the site earlier in the month of May. Musk emphasized the benefits of Twitter in terms of interaction and the capability to criticize and dispute material.

On May 9, Carlson made the announcement on Twitter that his show would be featured on the site, thereby establishing it as a reliable hub for news, in contrast to Fox News. The announcement sparked a great amount of excitement among the audience, and considering that Musk has endorsed Carlson’s show, it is anticipated that the show would attract a significant amount of viewers. Carlson continued by criticizing media networks for concealing information and stressing the need of free speech in democracies.


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