Trump Announces MAJOR Changes

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In a televised interview on Sunday, former President Donald Trump cautioned the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, implying that there would likely be alterations in the near future.

During an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Trump was questioned about Ronna McDaniel. McDaniel has been subjected to harsh criticism from certain Trump supporters, particularly the organization Turning Point, which was involved in a failed attempt to remove her from her position last year.

“I think she did great when she ran Michigan for me. I think she did OK, initially, in the RNC. I would say right now, there’ll probably be some changes made,” Trump said on FOX News Channel’s Sunday Morning Futures.

The RNC failed to promptly react to a request for comment.

Trump faced scrutiny about the Republican Party’s financial situation when campaign reports were made public last week, revealing that the RNC has a mere $8 million in assets and $1 million in liabilities.

“So I have a lot of money,” Trump said in the interview that aired Sunday, arguing that “people are not looking at the RNC. They want changes.”

“You have to understand, I have nothing to do with the RNC. I’m separate,” he added.

The remarks are made in response to Trump’s efforts, along with his supporters, to rally the party’s support and essentially conclude the primary race, despite the fact that he still has a significant opponent in the form of his former U.N. Ambassador, Nikki Haley.

Last month, McDaniel faced criticism for stating that Haley had little chance of becoming the nominee after Trump’s victory in the New Hampshire primary. During an interview with Fox News, McDaniel emphasized the need of rallying behind our eventual nominee, who is expected to be Donald Trump. The attempt made by Trump’s supporters to have the Republican National Committee (RNC) officially proclaim Trump as the “presumptive nominee” this week was retracted following his opposition to the idea.

During the RNC’s winter conference in Las Vegas on Friday, McDaniel, who secured a fourth two-year term last year, urged the party to come together with the objective of ousting President Joe Biden.

McDaniel, referencing Ronald Reagan, expressed the commitment of Republicans to remain unified, akin to the union that our party valiantly defended in the past. This information was shared by those present in the room, who gave her statements on the condition of anonymity in order to discuss a private meeting.

Although Trump and the RNC collaborated closely during his unsuccessful 2020 campaign, they have diverged on some matters this time. Trump declined to sign the party’s loyalty pledge, abstained from participating in any of its authorized primary debates, and has persistently raised doubts about early and mail-in voting, despite the RNC’s efforts to promote a “Bank Your Vote” campaign that encourages both methods.

In the interview, Trump persistently urged the party to unite behind him and asserted that Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, who has been highly critical of the ex-president since his departure from office, is considering adding himself to Trump’s expanding roster of endorsements.

“I think Mitch McConnell wants to endorse me, that’s what I hear,” he alleged, adding. “Everybody’s getting in line. They’re all getting on board.”

McConnell’s representatives did not promptly reply to comment inquiries. McConnell has intentionally refrained from involving himself in the primary, but he has already expressed his intention to endorse the ultimate nominee.


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