Trump Calls In LIVE On Fox News With Alarming Warning

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Following his criticism of President Joe Biden for frequently being absent from the White House, former President Donald Trump asserted that “fascists and communists” are actually in command there.

The former president claimed on a Super Tuesday call-in to Fox & Friends that it is a predicted yet still startling conspiracy. The right-of-center Fox News morning show offered no opposition to his claims.

Co-hosts Lawrence Jones and Brian Kilmeade gave Trump a platform for his standard talking points and generally asked him light questions. At times, they were even fawning. Kilmeade did, however, note that he and President Joe Biden essentially shared the same viewpoint on Israel:

Kilmeade: As you know, this president of the United States, when it comes to Israel, is getting protested. Now he seems to be turning on Israel. But the non-committed vote that Biden’s getting, they’re not going to like you either because you are firmly in Israel’s camp, correct? Are you on board with the way the IDF is taking the fight in Gaza?

Trump: You’ve got to finish the problem. You had a horrible invasion that took place. That would have never happened if I was president, by the way. As you know, Iran was broke, Brian. They were broke. They had no money for Hamas, for Hezbollah. They were broke. This would have never happened. And for another reason, they wouldn’t have done it to me. I guarantee you that. They did this because they have no respect for Biden, and frankly, they got soft. And what happened here is incredible. That should never have happened. Likewise, Russia would never have attacked Ukraine, never. You know it. Everybody knows it. And that wouldn’t have happened. This is all on Biden.

Kilmeade: Do you think the president’s in the process of abandoning Israel?

Trump: I do believe that, but I don’t think he knows where he is, frankly, I think you could, ask him a question right now, ask him the same question. I don’t think he knows what to say about many subjects, actually. It’s really the people that surround him. It’s the fascists and the communists that surround him. They’re making the calls, yet they’re calling the shots. He’s not calling the shots.


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