Trump Gains Huge Lead In Primary State

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Former President Donald Trump’s advantage in early primary states is expanding along with the pool of Republican presidential contenders.

According to a report released on Wednesday, Trump now has a larger advantage over his rivals among GOP voters in South Carolina, where more than four out of ten of them support him.

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, is Trump’s closest competitor, receiving 18% of the 809 respondents in the National Public Affairs poll, which was issued on Wednesday.

Former South Carolina governor and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley comes in second with 12 percent, followed by South Carolina senator Tim Scott with 10 percent.

Breitbart News reported, “For reference, a May survey from the pollster showed Trump at 38 percent and DeSantis at 23 percent, marking an eight-point swing Trump’s way in a month’s time. Moreover, that poll was conducted before DeSantis’s campaign launch. Notably, the poll does not include declared candidates radio host Larry Elder, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, or businessman Perry Johnson, and it was conducted prior to former Rep. Will Hurd’s (R-TX) entrance into the field earlier this week.”

At 28 percent, Trump has a commanding lead over his rivals among independent voters, outpacing them by a wide margin. Haley, DeSantis, Scott, and Christie all trail behind with 16 percent, 16 percent, 12 percent, and 11 percent, respectively.

A polling document claims that Trump presently has significant leads in Charleston and Richmond counties, both of which Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) won in 2016. Additionally, Trump now has a 26 percent edge in Greenville area, a significant improvement from the two percent advantage he held over Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in that same area seven years ago.

Despite Trump’s popularity, the poll found that 35% of participants plan to or very certainly plan to vote against him. Similar opinions of DeSantis and Haley are shared by 32% and 35% of voters, respectively, reflecting a 10% increase from the previous month.

The biggest obstacles in this regard for Pence and Christie are the 55 percent of voters who say they are either not considering or are definitely not going to vote for the former vice president. According to the survey’s findings, two out of every three voters had a similar stance toward Christie.

A key new 2024 presidential poll conducted earlier this month found that Trump appears to have not been negatively impacted politically despite continued legal issues in New York, Florida, his home state, and Georgia.

In fact, he might even benefit from the impression that he is being politically targeted as he prepares for a potential rematch against President Joe Biden in 2020.

The most recent Harvard-Harris poll shows a noticeable increase in Trump support, pointing to a possible road to success in 2016 if he wins the GOP nomination. The polling data shows that despite numerous legal difficulties, Trump has maintained his dominance and enjoys a sizable lead over his Democratic rivals.

The poll showed a stunning rise in support for Trump, who received 47 percent of the vote compared to Biden’s 40 percent, giving him a clear 7-point advantage.

The survey evaluated potential races featuring Donald Trump and other well-known Democrats. For instance, the results showed that Trump received 50% of the vote, while Kamala Harris, the vice president, received only 39%.

The findings for DeSantis put him in a tie with Biden at 42 percent each, the same result as a possible DeSantis-Harris contest.


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