Trump Gets HUGE News Hours After Guilty Verdict

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After being found guilty of multiple offenses in a highly biased trial in New York City, Shaun Maguire, a partner at Sequoia Capital in Silicon Valley, said in an X post that he will be contributing $300,000 to former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

“Back in 2016 I had drunk the media Kool-Aid and was scared out of my mind about Trump. As such I donated to Hilary Clinton’s campaign and voted for her. By 2020 I was disillusioned and didn’t vote – I didn’t like either option,” Maguire wrote in an X article. “Now, in 2024, I believe this is one of the most important elections of my lifetime, and I’m supporting Trump.”

Maguire admitted that his choice will probably surprise and infuriate his friends and coworkers. He wrote, “I refuse to live in a society where people are scared to speak.”

Following his explanation of how much “kool aid” he had previously consumed—including the fabrication of “Russian collusion”—Maguire said he could no longer support Biden in light of the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan. “I won’t get into all of the specifics right now, but this was personal for me and everyone who has served in Afghanistan. The majority’s perception of what transpired there is incorrect, he claimed.

At the end of his column, Maguire said that he would be contributing a whopping $300,000 to Trump’s presidential campaign.

Shortly following Maguire’s declaration, prominent Trump supporter and former congressman Lee Zeldin declared that he had obtained yet another enormous contribution for the campaign.

“Just secured a $800k donation from someone for President Trump’s Joint Fundraising Committee. Never experienced a massive ask that easy,” Zeldin announced.

In the hours after the historic ruling, tiny donations also began to stream in, crashing the primary website for GOP fundraising platform WinRed as well as Trump’s campaign website.

“It was a rigged trial, it was a disgrace,” Trump declared outside the courtroom. “The real verdict is going to be November 5th by the people. They know what happened here. I am a very innocent man,” he continued, adding that he plans to immediately file an appeal.


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