Trump Gets Last Laugh On Fani Willis After Damning Texts Leak

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In light of evidence that suggests Fani Willis and Nathan Wade may have lied under oath, seriously damaging their case against former President Donald Trump, a fresh batch of text conversations in the Fani Willis case have shown the legal risk they face.

According to Megyn Kelly, a defense team attorney has sent a plethora of texts between herself and Terrence Bradley, Wade’s former acquaintance who testified last week under an awkward questioning regarding his knowledge of the precise start date of the couple’s covert affair.

The communications, which were exchanged in early 2024 and between 2023 and 2024, verified Bradley’s suspicion that an affair had started before Wade was appointed prosecutor in November of 2021. On the witness, Bradley asserted, however, that he had forgotten all he had previously told Ashley Merchant, the defense lawyer for Michael Roman, a co-defendant of Trump.

MERCHANT: Any idea who I could get an affidavit from on the affair?

BRADLEY: No…no one would freely burn that bridge


MERCHANT: If Chris was asked under oath would he know?



MERCHANT: I figured he would

MERCHANT I didn’t expect them to be so careful [laughing face emoji]

BRADLEY: He knows but he won’t admit it

– September 18, 2023, 3:11pm to 5:37pm

The “Chris” in question is most likely Wade’s former legal partner Chris Campbell.

Bradley’s admission of a previous affair is the second piece of evidence from Willis and Wade’s associates that contradicts their sworn testimony that their sexual relationship didn’t start until after Wade was employed. In open court, a former acquaintance of Willis had earlier stated that their relationships had begun as early as 2019. Additionally, mobile phone records indicate that Wade spent the night at Willis’ condo when their relationship was being rejected.

Bradley began disclosing details regarding the couple’s travels in January 2024; at one point, she even claimed that Wade had assisted Willis with a transfer.

MERCHANT: I assume you knew about the trips…. wowowoow


MERCHANT: I’m shocked

MERCHANT: Well not really but somewhat

BRADLEY: No I didnt

BRADLEY: When did it happen

MERCHANT: Last trip was this summer

MERCHANT: May or June

BRADLEY: No I didnt know…I was gone by then

BRADLEY: Doesn’t surprise me…they took many trips to Florida



BRADLEY: California

BRADLEY: When she moved her daughter there

MERCHANT: I can’t believe they were sooooo carefree


MERCHANT: They had a full on relationship. Insane

MERCHANT: Just insane

BRADLEY: He went to help her move her

MERCHANT: Why she would hire him is insane


MERCHANT: Like just date / don’t hire him.

– January 5, 2024, 9:39am to 9:49am

When asked where and when the couple first got acquainted, Bradley said that they had spent years interacting in private and in court before collaborating on the Trump case.

MERCHANT: Do you think it started before she hired him?

BRADLEY: Absolutely

BRADLEY: It started when she left the DA’s office and was judge in South Fulton

[Merchant ‘liked’ the message]

BRADLEY: They met at the Municipal court clerk conference.

MERCHANT: That’s what I figured / When he was married

– January 5, 2024, 9:52am to 9:53am

Bradley provided the time and place when asked two hours later.

MERCHANT: Is this accurate? / Upon information and belief, Willis and Wade met while both were serving as Magistrate Judges and began a romantic relationship at that time.

BRADLEY: No Municipal court

MERCHANT: Thank you

BRADLEY: But you can’t put where they met not many people know that

BRADLEY: I might be one of only not even chris campbell

– January 5, 2024, 11:56am to 12:47pm

In her first papers, Merchant went to great pains to exclude Bradley as the source of information, claiming that the attorney representing Wade’s ex-wife provided the majority of the material.

MERCHANT: I’m almost done with my motion / I’m not filing u til Monday / Go home and sleep:-)

MERCHANT: I can send you a draft / Can’t wait to hear about your trip

BRADLEY: Ok…happy hunting lol

– January 5, 2024, 3:06pm to 3:08pm

As Kelly notes, Bradley speaks quite openly about his views on Willis and Wade, which makes it all the more detrimental for him to be ignorant during his sworn evidence.

BRADLEY: I really appreciate you keeping me out but I think you need to add me in the footnote 15 because I had a contract as well that way it doesn’t seem like I was involved


BRADLEY: It’s ok…add me to footnote 15 and how much I made

MERCHANT: I took you out / I can add that back!

MERCHANT: Good point

BRADLEY: Yes add it back

MERCHANT: Anything else ? Anything that isn’t accurate?”

BRADLEY: Looks good

– January 6, 2024, 12:02pm to 12:06pm


As Kelly notes, Bradley speaks quite openly about his views on Willis and Wade, which makes it all the more detrimental for him to be ignorant during his sworn evidence.

MERCHANT: How will they react to this? / Attack me? Give the stupid no fear or favor speech?

BRADLEY: No they will deny it


BRADLEY: They won’t attack you

MERCHANT: I am shocked she paid him so much / How did they think they wouldn’t get caught!!!

MERCHANT: So careless / Why not just NOT pay nathan? / Lord.

BRADLEY: Arrogance

– January 6, 2024, 12:11pm to 12:43pm

Kelly continues to conjecture as to why Bradley would sing like a canary and then become silent, suggesting that he might have been afraid of being put in danger for disclosing confidential information or that he might have been afraid of a district attorney who, in Kelly’s words, “likes to bring charges with no foundation legally.”

Willis’s capacity to handle her case against Trump has been severely harmed by the drama, which has also placed her in danger from the Georgia Senate and the US House of Representatives. Whether to disqualify her from the lawsuit is up to Judge Scott McAfee.


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