Trump Gets MASSIVE Financial News After Sudden Decision

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More positive financial news has been received by former President Donald Trump after a significant appellate court decision in his fraud trial. A New York court of appeals reduced the bail amount that was necessary for the former president to pay for the expenses of his civil fraud trial in the state on Monday morning. The bail amount was reduced from an enormous $454 million to a somewhat smaller $175 million.

A notable increase in shares of Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC), the special purpose acquisition company that is expected to merge with and take Trump Media & Technology Group public, occurred today, further solidifying Trump’s position. During Monday’s trading session, shares of DWAC saw a gain of up to 21 percent. Fox Business claims that the increase is a reflection of investor confidence following the court’s ruling.

Trump considers the transaction to be significant because it values his interest in Truth Social at about $3.3 billion. The site is positioned as a safe refuge for conservative viewpoints, especially those who experience exclusion or censorship as a result of mainstream social media regulations.

The decision on Monday came at the perfect time, since New York Attorney General Letitia James declared that she will start the process of seizing assets from the Trump business in order to fulfill the initial verdict. Concerned about the financial burden the initial bail would place on him, Trump had already threatened to “fire sell” a number of properties registered in his name in order to raise the required funds.


“The lawfare that they’re doing is incredible,” Trump said later on Monday. “Every single one of them is run by Biden and his thugs. The only way they think they can get elected. And I think so far it’s backfiring because the people of this country understand it. It’s backfiring. But they’re being run and they’re running all of these different cases”

The ruling made by the New York Court of Appeals continues to be a crucial point in Trump’s continuous financial and legal drama. A five-judge panel reached a unanimous ruling, indicating that the original bail sum needed to be revised.

The front-runner for 2024 went on, “So ridiculous, the cases, every one of them is ridiculous.” “The DOJ and FBI have weaponized all of this.” They broke into my home in violation of the Fourth Amendment. That is not permitted for [you to do]. They broke into my home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. Nothing, no notice. They took it by raid.

Trump concluded, “I can’t believe it. Nobody can believe it. And we’ll see how that all works out in the end. But it’s illegal what they’re doing. It’s criminal what they’re doing and it’s never been done before.”

The ruling is a second blow to Trump after he was awarded $84 million in the E. Jean Carroll civil lawsuit. Trump is still facing four criminal prosecutions, two of which were initiated by President Biden’s Justice Department.

Trump has been given ten days to raise the $175 million needed to post his bond.


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