Trump Gives Biden A New Nickname — It’s Perfect

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In place of “Sleepy Joe Biden,” President Donald Trump now refers to him as “Crooked Joe Biden.”

Federal authorities have been looking into Joe and Hunter Biden’s unethical and dishonest overseas business practices for many years.

Since taking control of Congress, Republicans have issued a number of subpoenas to obtain the Biden family’s bank records.

The bank records reveal “jaw-dropping” transfers of $1.3 million made between 2015 and 2017 to members of the Biden family, including Hunter Biden, James Biden, Hallie Biden, and family friend Rob Walker.

Rob Walker’s business received a $3 million wire transfer on March 1 from State Energy HK Limited, a Chinese entity. A further $1,065,000 was wired by the business to James Gilliar, a member of the Biden family, on March 2, 2017.

Over the course of three months, payments totaling about $1,065,000 were made to the Biden family’s various bank accounts.

What corrupt services the Biden family supplied that required the Chinese corporation to pay such an astronomical sum of money is completely unknown.

Trump declares that “Crooked Joe Biden” obviously represents a “threat to democracy,” and he makes a promise to “crush” him at the polls in November 2024.

In the words of Trump, “settle our unfinished business.”

“Joe Biden officially announced that he will seek four more disastrous years in the White House,” Trump said.

“I will be retiring the name ‘crooked’ from Hillary Clinton,” Trump said.

“And I’m going to give her a new name—I don’t know, like maybe lovely Hillary or beautiful Hillary—but I’m going to retire the name ‘Crooked’ so that we can use the name for Joe Biden, because he’ll be known from now on as Crooked Joe Biden.”

Trump continued that Joe Biden is the most corrupt and dishonest politician in American history, and that Clinton is “out there celebrating” the retirement of the moniker he gave her in 2016.

Trump slammed Biden for appearing to use a cheat sheet during a White House press conference on Wednesday afternoon that showed a reporter’s name and a pre-planned question. “And the press absolutely refuses to report it,” he added.

In response to Biden’s declaration of his re-election campaign and his assertion that “MAGA pose a threat to democracy,” Trump insisted that “there is no threat there.”

“No,” Trump responded. “It is Biden who poses the threat to democracy because he is grossly incompetent, he has no idea what he is doing and basically, he doesn’t have a clue, and that is a very bad position to put our country in.”

“Our country is in a very, very dangerous position right now,” he continued. “Very, very dangerous.”


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