Trump Has PERFECT Response To Biden’s Nasty Fall In REAL TIME

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A reaction to President Joe Biden’s embarrassing gaffe was given by former President Donald Trump on Thursday while he was speaking to supporters at a campaign event in Iowa.

While the President was delivering his commencement address to graduates of the Air Force Academy in Colorado on Thursday, he fell hard to the ground after tripping over his own feet. In attempting to recover, the commander-in-chief had a hard time getting up on his own and had to get assistance from members of the Secret Service and an airman.

After the president’s rough tumble, the formerly boisterous crowd became noticeably quieter and showed signs of shock. Biden seemed to indicate something he might have fallen over before being helped to his feet and stumbling to his seat off center stage.

See the painful fall here:

Trump was notified about Biden’s fall while addressing his supporters in Iowa by a member of the audience. “He fell down? Well, I hope he wasn’t hurt,” Trump stated in response to the information.

“The whole thing is crazy, you gotta be careful about that, you gotta be careful about that, because you don’t want that.”

“Even if you have to tip-toe down a ramp,” he added, drawing laughs from the crowd.

Trump’s remarks looked to be a response to Biden’s earlier accusations that he can “run up” ramps while Trump can only humbly and gently ascend. In 2020, Biden told reporters at West Point, “Watch how I run up ramps and he stumbles down ramps, okay? Come on.”

Though by no means the first, Thursday’s fall was possibly the most momentous of the president’s term. Biden made headlines in 2021 when he tragically fell while boarding Air Force One. The president stumbled over many steps, then collected himself and climbed the stairs without incident.

Biden’s frequent rambling remarks and seeming confusion have been cited by Trump and other presidential candidates as indicators of mental decline. While the Air Force One crash has been featured in advertisements regularly, Thursday’s incident is expected to get the same prominence.

The president stumbled near the top of the ramp leading to the presidential plane in March of this year, just before almost falling down. He could have suffered serious injuries from such a fall.

Prior to his speech on Thursday, Biden needed assistance from staffers to find the stage because he seemed to be lost. He continued by saying that a sitting U.S. senator previously recommended that he enroll in the Naval Academy.


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