Trump-Hating Baier Busted For What He Did LIVE On Fox When Trump Won

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After leading the network’s Super Tuesday coverage for a long night, Fox News anchor Bret Baier responded to viewers’ comments on Wednesday.

Every now and then, Baier uses X to respond to user comments—mostly negative ones regarding his tenure on the show.

“Bret Baier biting his lip as Laura Ingraham said that Trump is making the biggest political comeback of all time and that she and the people on the panel maybe need to spend more time listening to the people,” one user wrote in reference to Baier’s Tuesday night program.

In response, Baier said, “What does this show? I told Trace the same thing later on: “Thanks for paying close attention, but I needed to get the chicken out of my teeth that I had eaten during the commercial break.”

Later, in response to Trump’s dominance of the Super Tuesday primaries, Baier shared a video of him telling Fox’s Trace Gallagher, “We’re witnessing a remarkable political comeback.”

“Here is the shot with Trace. Without the chicken,” jested the anchor.

“Baier is a Trumper,” commented a another X user. He is and always will be.

Or a glaringly obvious Baier responded, “Never Trumper, or maybe just a news anchor,” pointing out that he is frequently charged with being anti-Trump.

In the past, Baier has responded to viewers who have called him names like “rug” or “nasty” toward Trump. He normally closes his response by saying “thank you” for watching.


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