Trump Learns His Fate At Probation Hearing

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As part of his fictitious “hush money” lawsuit, President Donald Trump attended a digital pre-sentencing court on Monday.

The judge will speak with a probation officer to determine Trump’s punishment on July 11.

Following his conviction in May for “falsifying business records,” Trump faces a maximum sentence of four years in jail. It is generally anticipated that Juan Merchan, the Democratic judge, will find against Trump due to the politically driven conviction.

The 30-minute interview on Monday seemed standard, even though it exposes Trump to additional charges of malfeasance.

Democrats, who believe that the 45th president is a political prisoner, have attempted to portray him as a regular “convicted felon.”

The odd ways that Trump conducted his interview served as a reminder of just how unusual his prosecution is. The court decided against holding Trump’s in-person appearance at the hearing because it would have caused logistical issues. This is how defendants usually appear in New York. Judge Merchan instead gave Trump permission to participate in the hearing virtually from Mar-A-Lago.

Todd Blanche, Trump’s attorney, was also in attendance.

The legal proceedings are kept confidential.

On the other hand, standard inquiries about work, criminal background, and substance usage would have been posed to Trump and his attorney.

Considering that Trump is one of the most well-known individuals on the planet, it is unlikely that the interview produced any fresh information. For those seeking to justify an unparalleled misuse of the American legal system, the hearing does, nevertheless, have a significant narrative function.

Pre-sentencing proceedings that are largely meaningless serve to emphasize that Trump is not “above the law.”

According to Democrats and corporate media backers, Trump is being handled the same as any other “criminal.”

This example is obviously not at all typical in any way.

An American president and a prominent presidential candidate are involved in an extraordinary case where their political enemies may put them in jail.

The odd arrangements have caused those who still think Trump is getting away with something to predictably squeal, even though many would argue it’s absurd that he even attended this phony session.



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