Trump Made Brilliant ’24 Move That Rocks Biden To The Core

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Before Joe Biden’s hush money trial starts in New York on Monday, the former president hosted a rally in a place that has a reputation for supporting Biden, according to the Washington Times.

On his third visit to Pennsylvania this year, President Trump is scheduled to give a speech at the Schnecksville Fire Hall in Lehigh County. The state is anticipated to be a crucial electoral battlefield in the near future.

According to the Times, President Biden has visited his home state of Pennsylvania multiple times and will make a campaign speech in Scranton, where he was born, on Tuesday. Both candidates intend to increase their presence in the battleground state in the upcoming months.

In 2016, the outgoing president managed to flip Pennsylvania, and now he’s trying to do the same. Considering that Biden’s campaign base is in Philadelphia, this would be a serious loss for him. 2020 saw Biden win the state.

Black voters appear to be leaving the alliance that Joe Biden built up to defeat the outgoing president in the 2020 presidential contest, according to a Washington Examiner story published earlier this month.

According to a new survey, thirty percent of black men in seven battleground states want to vote for the former president, a significant rise from the twelve percent who did so in 2020.

Though it represents a significant decline from 2020 and may spell the end of President Biden’s term, it is still expected that the president will win the black vote, with 57% of black voters stating they will cast a Democratic ballot.

“In the same poll, 42% of black women surveyed revealed they are still uncertain or persuadable in their voting choice. In 2020, 6% of black women voted for Trump. Now, 11% said they are definitely or probably going to vote for Trump,” the report said.

“In this particular election, the persuasion isn’t just to vote or not to vote,” Adrianne Shropshire, head of BlackPAC, a Democratic super PAC, said. The persuasion is actually to get people to come to Biden and away from third parties and away from Trump.”

Early in April, a CNN program noted that although Biden leads Trump by three points in Wisconsin, he behind him in six of the seven swing states: Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Furthermore, Trump is outperforming Biden on subjects that voters this cycle are most concerned about.

“Look at the why: what is going on?  Alright, trusted more, again, this is across all of these key seven swing states,” CNN political analyst Harry Enten said.

“Look, Donald Trump is trusted more than Joe Biden in basically all the important issues — the economy, inflation, 20-point lead, immigration, border, 20-point lead, the Israel-Hamas war, 14-point lead, the Russia-Ukraine war, nine-point lead, protecting democracy, well within the margin of error, which I think is something the that should worry that Biden camp, given that has been harping and Democrats been harping on this,” Enten continued. “Just a one-point advantage.

“On abortion, Democrats and Joe Biden have a 12-point advantage. They would love this campaign to be about abortion, but at this particular point, it‘s about this. And it‘s about this with perhaps a little bit of this,” Enten said, pointing out the main concerns of voters, “and all these issues favor Donald Trump.”

The host pointed out that Democrats and Biden have been “running on protecting democracy, and that’s a wash right now.”

“It is a wash. And this is not the only poll that shows…  was looking at a Quinnipiac University poll last month, last week, excuse me, that showed the same thing,” Enten said. “And it‘s something that RFK Jr. said to our colleague, Erin Burnett, saying, I‘m not quite sure — Joe Biden may be worse for protecting democracy. It turns out a lot of voters agree on that.”





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