Trump ‘Seriously’ Considering Surprising Candidate For VP – Sure To Cause Outrage!

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As one falls, another rises, according to Trump insiders who claim that after inflicting self-inflicted wounds on another, the former president is now pursuing a former competitor.

Sources who talked with Politico claim that there is a change in the factors considered when choosing a vice presidential candidate. Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota, a dependable ally of former President Donald Trump and formerly a strong candidate for the ticket, had her chances diminish after the publication of an autobiography in which she boasts about slaughtering a puppy that she thought was untrainable. It is now thought that Trump is reexamining her neighbor in North Dakota.

According to the outlet, the former president has shortlisted Governor Doug Burgum, the multimillionaire who ran an unsuccessful and mostly self-funded presidential campaign, for vice president. Burgum’s strange consideration initially defies logic because he comes from a consistently red state with a meager three electoral votes in November. But Gov. Burgum has proven to be a formidable fundraiser with extensive knowledge of energy, economics, and foreign policy—aspects that the outgoing president finds appealing.

Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND), a member of the GOP, said he was “initially surprised” to learn that his governor was a candidate but that he had “earned serious consideration” for his “unapologetically” supporting Trump in spite of his ongoing legal troubles. Furthermore, prior to withdrawing in December, he gave off the impression of being one of the less Trumpian presidential contenders, a perception that would aid Trump in winning over swing-state moderates come election season.

“Nobody has played their cards better since the primary,” said Scott Jennings, a former political adviser to President George W. Bush. “Trump is a casting director. Who looks more like a VP than Burgum?” He is a “rich guy who could help with fundraising.”

Gov. Burgum is supporting his party’s standard bearer without waiting to be selected, according to an unnamed source close to the Trump campaign. They also mentioned that he has made phone calls to raise money, attended finance meetings, brought in new large donors for the campaign, and traveled to New Hampshire, Virginia, and Nevada to campaign for Trump. Burgum, who made a $1.1 billion profit in 2001 when he sold his software company to Microsoft, also brings his own network of wealthy contacts. In a year where almost all of the other candidates have struggled to gain more attention, the president’s advisors find his low-key style appealing as well.

“No drama. Won’t outshine the top, but seems like a loyal guy who will work and do what’s asked of him,” Jennings said, comparing Burgum favorably to the flailing vice presidential hopeful Kristi Noem. “And as far as I know he’s not out here dying on Dog Murder Hill everyday.”

In order to “listen with respect” and “talk things out,” Gov. Burgum promised to refrain from “anger, yelling, and infighting” with his opponents on stage during the presidential campaign. His stiff stage manner may not have worked well at a time of unrestrained political altercations, but it gave the idea that he would be a perfect match for President Trump’s rougher style.

According to two other people who talked with the site, President Trump invited Burgum to join him and his family for Easter meal in April, a hint of how seriously he is taking the governor. There were Barron Trump and Melania Trump, who are both actively participating in the campaign.




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