Trump Shares Tragic News About His Son

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Barron, the son of former President Donald Trump, provided a brief status report on his father’s progress after he was found guilty on 34 felony counts related to a “hush money” payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election.

As the former president and likely GOP nominee for 2024, Trump was talking to Phil McGraw, often known as “Dr. Phil,” on his podcast on Thursday when the latter asked how his family was doing throughout the ordeal.

“It’s not easy,” Trump said in response to a question about how his youngest son is handling everything. “He’s a great kid, he’s a good student, he got accepted to different colleges. Some of those colleges all of a sudden, they’re rioting all over the place. But he’s a good boy. He’s a tall boy, very tall, and he’s a great kid. Good-looking kid. And, you know, he’s going to be at college,” he continued.

Trump stated that his son “doesn’t say it, and I think he doesn’t say it because he doesn’t want to hurt me, and he thinks it’s possibly a hurtful conversation” in response to the accusations.

“But it has to affect my family, and I think that’s really very unfair. Because I have a very good family; I have good kids, I have a wonderful wife,” Trump continued, going on to again call the charges “fake” allegations.

“It certainly is not a good thing. It affects me more than it would if it were just about me. I wish it would be just about me,” he added.

After the conviction was announced on May 30, the former president repeated similar remarks in a recent interview with Fox News, especially in reference to his wife, the former First Lady Melania Trump.

Melania Trump is doing “fine,” according to Trump in the interview, but he also mentioned that the trial was “very hard for her.” “It’s tougher, I think it’s probably in many ways tougher on my family than it is on me,” he continued.

Despite the fact that all of the judges were nominated by Democrats and several of them are Democratic donors, Trump has sworn to challenge the decision to the New York appellate court, a report on Friday stated.

In the meantime, neither his fundraising nor his polling have suffered as a result of his trials and legal troubles.

In spite of criticism over his age and the fallout from the Israel-Hamas war, Biden and the Democratic National Committee kept raising millions of dollars more in donations than their Republican rivals. The Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Trump campaign struggled financially even while Trump was leading Biden in national and important swing state polls, as The Daily Caller reported on Thursday.

But in the last two months, the RNC and the Trump campaign have started to weaken Biden’s financial edge. One of Biden’s few apparent advantages in a hotly contested election may disappear if Trump’s team continues to announce record-breaking fundraising totals, experts told the site.

“Democrats will keep up. It’s not going to be a blowout, money-wise, but they expected Trump to lose the ability to raise money by charging him with these over-the-top prosecutions,” Mark R. Weaver, a GOP strategist, told the Caller. “They didn’t realize that the liquid they were throwing on the fire was not water, but gasoline,” he added.

Trump began seeking money following the conclusion of the GOP primaries. About $25 million more was raised in April by the RNC and the campaign than by Biden and the DNC combined. For the first time in this election cycle, the Trump campaign raised more money each month than its rivals.

Following Trump’s guilty conviction late last month, the campaign’s fundraising website crashed due to an overwhelming amount of support. $54.8 million was raised by the campaign in the 24 hours following the ruling. The campaign claimed receiving almost $141 million in donations overall at the end of the month. The Caller pointed out that because FEC filings have not yet been made public, information regarding the total amount of money raised for both campaigns in May is still awaited.







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