Trump Shows Who’s Boss With Massive 56 Point Lead, Dominating DeSantis

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After a recent Clarity Omnibus Survey showed he holds a 56-point lead in the Republican primary, leading 2024 presidential contender and 45th President Donald Trump is continuing to dispel any perception that he is not the head of the Republican Party.

1,122 people participated in the May 2023 survey, which was conducted from May 8 to 14. The margin of error for the poll is 2.92 percent, and the 95 percent confidence level is used.

Trump, of course, won the Republican primary with a commanding 69 percent victory, 56 points ahead of the runner-up.

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida and recently declared contender, came in a distant second with just 13% of the vote.

“THIS POLL JUST OUT. WOW!” Trump reacted on Wednesday on his top-rated social media platform, Truth Social.

“Ron DeSanctimonious had ZERO CHANCE of winning the Republican primary for governor of Florida before a man named President Donald J. Trump endorsed him,” Trump said in a video released on Thursday.

This comes after DeSantis attempted to launch his presidential campaign for the year 2024 via a live interview on Twitter with CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday, but the conversation ended up being a complete and utter failure.

Unfortunately for DeSantis, the Twitter Space resulted in a choppy, silence-filled nightmare for the original audience of nearly 600,000 listeners. A significant portion of the audience was unable to even join the Twitter Space.

After a failure that lasted for thirty minutes, there were just 170,000 listeners left.

Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., both of whom are the president’s sons, reacted to the setback on Twitter by tweeting “#DeSaster.”

DeSantis decided against holding a formal kickoff event for his campaign and instead chose to announce his intentions on Twitter instead.

If a potential contender wants to unseat Trump as the presumptive nominee for the Republican or Democratic party in 2024, they will face an uphill battle due to the fact that polls indicate Trump to be in the lead among all potential challengers from both parties.

Mike Pence, the failed candidate for vice president, finished in third place with six percent.

Now that DeSantis has announced his run and knowing that his primary challenger is Donald Trump, he’s jumped rightn into the fight going after the former president like he never has before.

“Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, now officially a candidate for president, is no longer tiptoeing around former President Donald Trump – nor is he being shy about his plans to flex the powers of the presidency like never before if he wins the White House,” CNN reported.

“DeSantis – whose campaign raised $8.2 million in the first 24 hours, according to a campaign spokesperson – has filled the hours after his botched Twitter launch by taking his message to the familiar comforts of the conservative airwaves, where, in a dozen interviews, he has assailed Trump as fiscally irresponsible and a supporter of amnesty for undocumented immigrants. He said Trump’s Covid-19 mitigation policies ‘destroyed millions of people’s lives’ and told Fox News his ‘day one’ priority would be to fire the former president’s handpicked FBI director, Christopher Wray.”

“Trump ‘is a different guy today than when he was running in 2015 and 2016,’ DeSantis told Tennessee conservative talk radio host Matt Murphy, adding, ‘I don’t know what happened to Donald Trump,’” the outlet added.

CNN continued:

Now, DeSantis is making the case that he is better suited to deliver on the promises that Trump himself failed to see through.

Doing so will require pushing the limits of the executive branch like never before, DeSantis has suggested in multiple interviews in the past 24 hours. He told conservative radio host Mark Levin that he had studied the US Constitution’s “leverage points” and would use his knowledge to exercise the “true scope” of presidential power.

“You’ve got to know how to use your leverage to advance what you’re trying to accomplish,” DeSantis told Twitter CEO Elon Musk during their conversation.


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