Trump Stuns With Sudden Announcement Of Where He’s Moving

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This past weekend in Dallas, at the National Rifle Association’s National Convention, former President Donald Trump enthralled a rapt audience in Texas with an announcement regarding his future intentions. The NRA’s endorsement before the announcement, which was a noteworthy development in Trump’s long-standing rapport with gun owners and the South.

According to The Daily Mail, Trump stated, “I want to move to Texas and I want to retire in Texas… a lot of people are moving to Texas.” With 18 trips to the state during his presidency and another 13 after leaving the White House, Trump’s affection for the state is well-established.

Though it’s still unclear if Trump meant his remarks to be a firm promise or a show of solidarity with his fans in the South, they are consistent with his earlier choice to move from New York to Florida while he was president. Trump relocated to Mar-a-Lago in Florida due to the state’s desirable temperature as well as its advantageous tax structure; this is a calculated move that he may be contemplating once more with regard to Texas.

Alongside Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX), Trump rallied thousands of delegates at the conference on Saturday, asking them to support him in the 2024 presidential election in order to protect their Second Amendment rights. The enthusiasm in the convention hall was palpable as Trump and Abbott spoke to a sea of NRA members, many of whom were wearing the previous president’s signature red caps and even apparel bearing his likeness.

“The NRA has stood with me from the very beginning, and with your vote, I will stand strong for your rights and liberties,” Trump said according to The Texas Tribune. “I heard it a few weeks ago that if gun owners voted, we would swamp them at levels that nobody’s ever seen before. I think you’re a rebellious bunch, but let’s be rebellious and vote this time.”

During the ceremony, the NRA formally backed the front-runner for president in 2024. The formation of the “Gun Owners for Trump” coalition by Trump’s campaign also marked a calculated attempt to organize proponents of gun rights for the 2024 presidential contest.

Trump also conveyed his love for Governor Abbott, who started the process of moving migrants from the Texas-Mexico border to big cities like New York, Chicago, and Denver. Governor Abbott garnered national recognition and was named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people.

“We’re also grateful to be joined by a very special man. He’s a hot politician, very hot,” Trump remarked about Abbott. “You’re a hot politician, Greg. You know why he’s hot… because he’s doing a good job.”

Trump warned an audience supportive of the Second Amendment that Joe Biden would confiscate their firearms if re-elected. “They want to take away your rights. I know that better than anybody. They want to take away my rights better than anybody…worse than Alphonse Capone. Al Capone was indicted twice.”

“Now more than ever, we must fight to protect our Second Amendment rights. According to the NRA, Texas has passed more significant Second Amendment protections than any other state,” Gov. Abbot said over the weekend.


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