Trump Supporter’s Photo with Chris Christie Goes Viral

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On Thursday, a supporter of President Donald Trump posted a selfie of Chris Christie dozing off on an aircraft, which instantly went viral.

A MAGA hat-wearing reporter from New Hampshire named Heather Mullins, who once worked for Real America’s Voice, snapped a selfie with Chris Christie dozing off across the plane’s other aisle.

Mullins shared the image on Twitter, where it received over 6,000 retweets, 22,000 likes, and 1.6 million views within seven hours.

Later, Mullins said that he believed Chrsitie had seen the post and had given her a “nod” as they were leaving the plane.

“I landed, looked over my shoulder, & he looked RIGHT at me & gave a nod,” she wrote.

“He knows! LOL! Someone must have told him he went viral while in the air,” she added.

“It was honestly cute that he & his wife were holding hands; I hold no ill will,” wrote Mullins, adding she wants him to stop taking shots at Trump only “to fail at getting ahead.”

While launching his campaign in New Hampshire earlier this month, Christie took aim at Trump, who has been the target of many of Christie’s attacks in recent years.

“If your leaders are not willing to admit to you that they’re fallible, that they make mistakes, that they hurt like you, that they bleed like you, and that they suffer disappointments and letdowns, beware,” he said before naming Trump.

Trump responded to Christie’s attacks on Truth Social by publishing an altered video that included a buffet in front of Christie.

Trump remarked on Christie’s frequent usage of the adjective “small.”

“Does he have a psychological problem with SIZE?” Trump wondered in another post.


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