TRUMP WINS BIG! He Just Got The Best News Of 2024

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The Club for Growth has invited Donald Trump to speak at its annual economic summit in Palm Beach, Florida, openly putting aside their long-standing disagreement.

Accepting the invitation, the former president went on stage on Friday night to declare that he and the group would collaborate as it looks increasingly likely that he would be the Republican nominee for president.

As per the statements made by an insider in the room, he declared, “Now we’re back in love; we’re in deep, deep love.”

Throughout his four years in the White House, Trump developed a tight relationship with the Club for Growth, a well-funded organization that invests tens of millions of dollars to elect conservative politicians every cycle.

However, the partnership broke down during the midterm elections as a result of his disagreements with David McIntosh, the group’s president, in a few of the races. After a club-affiliated group spent millions in vain trying to oppose Trump’s third presidential bid, things got much worse.

The races that “broke us up for about a year” were mentioned by Trump.

There are arguments between us every now and again. He told the assembled guests at The Breakers Hotel, “It’s always about who to endorse.”

Now, though, their erratic relationship is back on track as Trump is expected to secure the nomination in the upcoming weeks. Politico claims that last month, Trump had dinner with McIntosh at his Mar-a-Lago resort and took a plane ride to South Carolina with the former president in advance of the Republican primary.

Following Trump’s address, McIntosh issued a statement praising their shared agreement on tax reform and deregulation during his administration. Regarding his election victory over President Joe Biden in November, he spoke to the defusing of tensions.

“We need to grow our majority in the House and reclaim the majority in the Senate. We need to restore the American dream, and the only way we can do that is by working together,” McIntosh said.

“President Trump always says, ‘When Trump and the Club for Growth PAC are together, we always win.’ And together, we are going to win back the White House and more this November,” he added.

Notable election forecasters have released a new report that is quite positive for former President Donald Trump and, implicitly, Republicans in general.

Decision Desk HQ’s research, which included national surveys, predicted that Trump would garner over 300 electoral votes, mostly by winning back a number of states that he had lost in 2020.

According to Newsweek, the predictors predict that Trump “will win a total of 312 Electoral votes in November, the biggest number a GOP candidate has received since George H. W. Bush’s 1988 victory when he received 426 votes.”

The report further notes:

The estimates are the latest worrying sign for Biden as he seeks re-election. The president has long faced concerns about his low approval ratings, as well as voters believing the 81-year-old is too old for a second term in office. Former President Trump himself is also facing the prospect of being a convicted felon by November as he faces 91 criminal charges across four trials, with polls suggesting this could damage his bid to re-enter the White House.

According to the Decision Desk HQ study, Trump is expected to win a number of significant swing states, such as Nevada and Arizona. The 45th president currently appears to be winning the “blue wall” swing states as well, which include Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. He won all three of these states in 2016 after defeating two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton.

Newsweek added: “The 312 electoral votes Trump is predicted to win would be more than the 306 Biden achieved in 2020, as well as the 304 Trump was awarded during his 2016 election victory over Clinton. The largest-ever presidential victory in terms of electoral votes was achieved by Ronald Reagan in 1984, who won 525 out of the possible 538 electoral votes after winning all but one of the 50 states in a resounding victory over Walter Mondale.”


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