Trump’s ‘Secret Weapon’ For 2024 Election Revealed

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Brad Parscale, who gained notoriety for his creative strategy during Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, is establishing a name for himself for the Trump team once more following a highly publicized fall from grace. This time, Parscale has unveiled a ground-breaking instrument for Trump’s 2024 election campaign: sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI). It has been labeled a “secret weapon.”

Brad Parscale, the digital strategist responsible for Trump’s triumph in 2016, is making a comeback to the political limelight following a temporary hiatus. Through a recent effort, Parscale is utilizing artificial intelligence to produce unparalleled levels of personalized voter engagement.

Parscale’s Campaign Nucleus, a bold fusion of conservative tenacity and artificial intelligence, has become a formidable force capable of customizing emails, sifting through enormous amounts of data to identify swing voters, and amplifying the online presence of “anti-woke” voices. This is the result of a thorough Associated Press investigation of Parscale’s statements made in public and a wealth of previously unreleased records from his company.

“I pretty much used Facebook to get Trump elected in 2016,” Parscale explained back in a 2022 interview.

According to the Associated Press:

Soon, Parscale says, his company will deploy an app that harnesses AI to assist campaigns in collecting absentee ballots in the same way drivers for DoorDash or Grubhub pick up dinners from restaurants and deliver them to customers.

Parscale was a relatively unknown web designer in San Antonio, Texas, when he was hired to build a web presence for Trump’s family business.

That led to a job on the future president’s 2016 campaign. He was one of its first hires and spearheaded an unorthodox digital strategy, teaming up with scandal-plagued Cambridge Analytica to help propel Trump to the White House…

Following Trump’s surprise win, Parscale’s influence grew. He was promoted to manage Trump’s reelection bid and enjoyed celebrity status. A towering figure at 6 feet, 8 inches with a Viking-style beard, Parscale was frequently spotted at campaign rallies taking selfies with Trump supporters and signing autographs.

Parscale was appointed campaign manager for Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign after his triumph in 2016. However, he was demoted in July 2020 after a poorly attended rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and amid declining poll numbers. He has been a contentious figure, especially when it comes to the tactics and morality of his online campaigns.

AI is changing the way plans are applied in political campaigns, which has a growing impact on them. Targeted advertising is one significant area of influence, where AI systems examine enormous volumes of data on voter preferences and behavior. This makes it possible for campaigns to generate customized advertisements based on the surfing history, demographics, and other data of specific voters. Delivering messages that are more likely to connect with particular people is made possible by technology, which may boost voter participation and turnout.

According to The Associated Press, campaign finance records show that since last year, the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee, and their connected political action and fundraising committees have paid Campaign Nucleus and other businesses connected to Brad Parscale more than $2.2 million. The Biden campaign and Democrats are utilizing artificial intelligence in a separate tactic. They claim that identifying and energizing voters as well as more successfully identifying and combating false information are their main uses for this technology.


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