Tucker Carlson Confirms Leftists’ Worst Nightmare

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Conservative commentator Tucker Carlson said he never had the COVID-19 vaccine during a contentious encounter with Republican presidential nominee Asa Hutchinson.

The disclosure occurred during a presidential summit on July 14 that was sponsored by Blaze Media, during which Carlson questioned the former governor of Arkansas about his views on the COVID vaccine and other mandates.

“How did you feel about [COVID mandates] and how many COVID shots did you take, and how do you feel about it now in retrospect?” Carlson asked Hutchinson.

“How many COVID shots did you take?” Hutchinson replied.

“Zero,” answered Carlson, at which point the crowd erupted with applause. “But I think it’s fair, and I can see that you recoiled when I asked you that question, and I don’t think honestly that you should be asking people about their medical care, but that became a matter of public policy and I do think that the whole country ought to pause and assess like ‘What did we just go through, how do we feel about it now?’”

After some hushed applause from the audience, Hutchinson responded by explaining that while he was governor of Arkansas during the so-called COVID-19 epidemic, his government forbade the imposition of vaccine requirements as a condition of employment for public sector employees.

But Carlson’s direct response that he had not received any doses of the experimental COVID injections sparked a social media uproar. Many pointed out that even his then-so-called conservative employer, Fox News, had instituted a workplace vaccination policy at its New York City headquarters.

Carlson’s admission that he never had the vaccination contrasts sharply with the rhetoric used by other members of the mainstream media, including other so-called conservative reporters and anchors.

According to LifeSiteNews, Carlson’s former colleague Sean Hannity promoted COVID-19 vaccine on his popular Fox News show in July 2021.

Numerous left-wing outlets promoted similar reporting to the public.

However, many in the alternative media sector, including LifeSiteNews, have instead published a number of articles on the frequently concealed reality of the COVID-19 vaccines, including their experimental nature and the rising number of reports of health complications and even fatalities that have followed receipt of the novel injections.

Carlson probed Hutchinson during their heated conversation about his apparent support for the chemical and surgical mutilation of infants who are gender-confounded.

Hutchinson, a former governor of Arkansas, vetoed a bill in 2021 that sought to outlaw “sex-reassignment” of children, but the state legislature finally overrode his veto.

Hutchinson ultimately failed to clarify his position on the matter, stating that he supports the “rights” of parents who elect to inject their child with “puberty blockers” and cross-sex hormones, both of which can result in serious and harmful permanent change, but opposes the “rights” of surgically mutilating children because it is “permanent.”


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