Tucker Carlson Scores Massive Seven-Figure Deal

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After leaving Fox News in April, Carlson started his own program, “Tucker on Twitter,” which has attracted a sizable audience.

An amazing $77.5 million in advertising income was brought in by Carlson’s Fox News show last year.

His departure from the broadcasting company came as its parent firm, in which Carlson had a significant role, reached a $787.5 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems in a defamation complaint.

Carlson has established himself as a more strident conservative advocate on Twitter than he was on his Fox prime-time program.

The former anchor of a well-liked Fox News program, Carlson, has landed a sizable advertising contract for his most recent endeavor, a show that runs on Twitter.

Sources with knowledge of the situation told CNBC that Carlson had signed an enormous advertising contract with Public Square, a shopping app which bills its site as a forum for conservative people to question “environmental, social, and governance policies.”

Although Carlson’s officials have not yet commented on the agreement, this move signals that Carlson wants to draw in advertisers that share his views and are looking for an expanded audience for their conservative communications.

He recently came under fire for hosting Andrew Tate, a social media figure who was charged with human trafficking by Romanian authorities.

According to reports, Fox News wrote Carlson a letter requesting that he halt operations as his Twitter following increased after leaving the network.

As reported by Axios, Carlson is still bound by the terms of his deal with Fox, which state that the business will have exclusive access to his content through December 31, 2024.

In response to the letter, Carlson’s team released a statement reiterating his determination to remain unafraid.

Public Square, Carlson’s show’s commercial partner, seems to share his conservative viewpoints.

According to CNBC, Public Square CEO Michael Seifert has stated the company’s objective to combat environmental, social, and governance (aka ESG) measures that have come under fire from conservative media hosts, right-wing leaders, and Republican legislators.

In opposition to what he sees as corrupt ideologies harmful to the economy, Seifert has underlined the necessity for a substitute economic environment.

Carlson’s program is anticipated to begin featuring advertising for Public Square towards the end of August.

A noteworthy development is that Public Square intends to float on the New York Stock Exchange “through a merger with Colombier Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company.” It is predicted that this acquisition will give Public Square a major financial boost, enabling its development and growth.

After its public listing, Michael Seifert, Omeed Malik, a long-time Wall Street worker, Nick Ayers, a former assistant to President Trump’s VP, Mike Pence, and Blake Masters, who ran for AZ Senate and who is also allied with Peter Thiel, are anticipated to join Public Square’s board.

Furthermore, it has been stated that Malik’s investment company, 1789 Capital, intends to make a sizeable eight-figure investment into Carlson’s multimedia business within a few months. Rebekah Mercer, a GOP billionaire well recognized for her financial backing of conservative causes, is connected to the company.

Carlson has continued to participate in political debates since leaving traditional media, hosting functions such as the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa during which he spoke with a number of Republican presidential hopefuls.

In a video heralding his return, Tucker said, “There aren’t many platforms left that allow free speech,” “The last big one remaining in the world, the only one is Twitter, where we are now.”

“Twitter’s not a partisan site. Everyone’s allowed here, and we think that’s a good thing.”

Following the cancellation of his program, it became evident that Fox wanted to force its once top commentator-host Carlson to finish out his $8 million-per-year deal until it expired in 2025 than to buy him out and lose him to a rival network.

Now that Tucker has moved on and is doing better than ever, Fox is hitting Tucker’s old staffers.

As Fox reveals a new primetime roster, the Daily Caller (which Tucker founded) reported that the network terminated the remaining employees who served on Tucker’s program late in June.

In a move dubbed “shockingly callous” by one former Fox News producer who spoke to the Daily Caller, the network got rid of at least nine of its remaining employees, including long-serving producers.

The producer informed the Daily Caller that “some of the fired producers have been at Fox for well over a decade.”

Another former Fox producer claimed to the Daily Caller that members of Carlson’s team were frequently assured that their positions would be secure once he departed the network, most recently last week when two of Carlson’s producers quit the station.

The former producer was informed by staff members that the firings were obviously a “anti-Tucker move to purge any of his remaining stamp he had on the network as Fox begins this new lineup change.”

The information was released shortly after Fox News declared that Jesse Watters will take Carlson’s position at 8:00 p.m.

Some very well-known conservative commentators chimed in.


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