Two HUGE Names Surfaced In Damning Epstein Doc Drop Tomorrow Are FREAKING OUT

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This week, numerous confidential court documents related to the deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein are scheduled to be released, and it is anticipated that several well-known individuals, such as Britain’s Prince Andrew and former President Bill Clinton, will be mentioned in these records.

In a recent ruling, U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska determined that there was no valid reason to keep the former president’s identity and over 150 other individuals’ identities hidden in the documents. Preska instructed for the commencement of the unsealing process to take place subsequent to January 1st.

The documents originate from a legal complaint in 2015 that revolves around accusations that Ghislaine Maxwell, who was once romantically involved with Epstein, played a role in enabling the sexual exploitation of Virginia Giuffre, who claims to be a victim of human trafficking. Additionally, Giuffre leveled allegations against Epstein and Maxwell, asserting that they instructed her to engage in sexual activities with Prince Andrew and various other influential individuals. Prince Andrew refuted the accusations and asserted that he had no recollection of ever encountering Giuffre. He subsequently resolved a legal dispute initiated by her.

The majority of the notable individuals mentioned in the records are previously linked to Epstein in various capacities, such as being accused of misconduct, having been employed by Epstein, traveling on his aircraft, or visiting his residences. A few were referenced in Maxwell’s 2021 criminal trial. Occasionally, the names merely show in lists of potential witnesses or in suggested search phrases for electronic material.

Although Giuffre’s accusations against Prince Andrew and his denials have been extensively publicized worldwide, it is anticipated that numerous sealed documents will include more information from “Jane Doe 162,” a witness who stated she was present at Epstein’s New York mansion with Prince Andrew, Maxwell, and Giuffre when she was seventeen. Giuffre claims that the 2001 get-together was one of the times she was told to have sex with Andrew.

Giuffre did not accuse Clinton of any misconduct, and there is no suggestion that the records that are sealed contain proof of Clinton’s criminal activity. However, Giuffre’s assertion that she had a meeting with the former president on Epstein’s exclusive Caribbean island became a hot potato throughout the legal dispute, which was resolved in 2017. Maxwell argued that Giuffre’s allegation that Clinton had never visited Little St. James, the name given to Epstein’s island, was a fiction that undermined Giuffre’s credibility.

In separate litigation against Epstein, personal flight logs maintained by one of Epstein’s pilots surfaced, revealing that in 2002 and 2003, Clinton and his entourage took several flights on Epstein’s jumbo-jet to foreign locations like Paris, Bangkok, and Brunei. However, there are no records mentioning the former president visiting Epstein’s island.

The court records that will be made public this week mark the eighth and probably last wave of records from the case to be made public since the Miami Herald intervened in 2018 to obtain access to the records. Multiple deposition transcripts of Maxwell and Giuffre were among the previously unsealed materials. There were also sworn but unverified claims that Epstein and Maxwell had instructed Giuffre to have sex with a number of prominent men, including former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, the late model scout Jean Luc Brunel, billionaire hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin, and others.

Maxwell refuted the accusations, as did every man whose names appeared after Giuffre’s identification.

The identities of further Epstein allies, suspected offenders, suspected co-conspirators, purported victims, witnesses, and former Epstein employees will be included in this batch. A number of the “Does” referenced in the records have since passed away.

Court records show that more than fifty of the redacted files address former President Clinton, who ABC News has learned is known as “Doe 36.” A number of those redacted or sealed entries center on an attempt by Giuffre’s attorneys to summon the two-term Democratic president for deposition testimony over his contact with Epstein in the middle of 2016, which ABC News first revealed.

Parts of the court record that were not sealed state that on June 9, 2016, Giuffre’s legal team had informal talks with the witnesses’ attorneys. That occurred a few days after Hillary Clinton, the spouse of the outgoing president, secured the Democratic nomination for president.

According to a person with knowledge of the matter who spoke with ABC News in 2016, Giuffre’s representatives did get in touch with the former president’s legal team regarding a possible deposition. Clinton’s attorneys replied that Giuffre would not benefit from his evidence since, contrary to what she had alleged, the former president had never visited Epstein’s island.

According to an unedited portion of a court document, Maxwell’s attorney Laura Menninger termed the decision to interview Clinton “utter nonsense” and described it as a “transparent ploy by [Giuffre] to increase media exposure for her sensational stories through deposition side-show.”

On the other hand, Giuffre’s attorneys characterized Clinton’s proposed testimony as “highly relevant” and “important to the fundamental claims and defenses” in the lawsuit. U.S. District Judge Robert Sweet finally rejected the motion in a redacted decision in late June 2016.

Six weeks before the trial was set to start, in March 2017, Giuffre’s attorneys brought up the Clinton issue once more during a hearing. Giuffre’s team then attempted to prevent Maxwell’s side from providing testimony implying that Clinton hadn’t been to Epstein’s island, according to a transcript that is available to the public. Her lawyers contended that it would be “inherently unfair” to Giuffre because they had been denied the opportunity to inquire about the former president’s visitation history to Little St. James, the name given to Epstein’s exclusive island estate.

McCawley informed Judge Sweet, “You said it was irrelevant, so you did not allow us to depose him.” “So now we’re in a position where at trial they want to put forth that information against my client, and I don’t have an under-oath statement from that individual saying whether or not he actually was,” she said.

The transcript states that Maxwell’s lawyers informed the judge that their client was ready to testify that Clinton never visited the island.

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However, Giuffre’s move to suppress Clinton-related testimony was not addressed because the trial never happened. The documents that are going to be opened up may contain further details regarding the discussion surrounding the matter.

It is anticipated that Clinton’s identity will also be revealed in documents pertaining to several initiatives by Maxwell and Giuffre to force Epstein to respond to inquiries. As he has done numerous times in civil litigation against him, the disgraced banker asserted his constitutional protections against self-incrimination to every question during a September 2016 deposition.

Before decisions were made regarding whether or not to unseal the records, the lawyers for each of the “Does” were provided with a preview of the court files that contained their name, under a protocol that Preska set up. Everyone had a chance to present their case for maintaining the records’ secrecy. Clinton’s legal team, after reviewing the excerpts, did not lodge any objections to the publication of the documents, according to Preska’s order last month.

Clinton’s spokesman declined to comment for this article.

Reporters first became aware of Clinton’s relationship with Epstein in 2002 when they discovered that the former president had traveled to several African countries on a charity mission aboard the enigmatic multimillionaire’s jet. Through a representative at the time, Clinton informed New York magazine that “Jeffrey is both a highly successful financier and a committed philanthropist with a keen sense of global markets and an in-depth knowledge of twenty-first-century science.”

“I especially appreciated his insights and generosity during the recent trip to Africa to work on democratization, empowering the poor, citizen service, and combating HIV/AIDS,” the statement said.

ABC News has more:

Clinton’s representatives have said the former president cut off contact with Epstein in 2005, before the financier came under investigation in Palm Beach, Florida, for allegedly luring underage girls to his seaside mansion for illicit, sexualized massages.

When Epstein first faced potential federal prosecution a few years later, one of the disgraced financier’s lawyers wrote to prosecutors to tout Epstein’s pedigree as “part of the original group that conceived of the Clinton Global Initiative,” according to a 2007 letter attached to a court filing several years later.

Following Epstein’s arrest for child sex trafficking in 2019, a spokesperson for Clinton, Angel Ureña, said in a statement that the former president “knows nothing” about Epstein’s crimes. “He’s not spoken to Epstein in well over a decade,” the statement added, “and has never been to Little St. James Island, Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico, or his residence in Florida.”

Subsequent reporting after Epstein’s death has revealed that Epstein and Maxwell attended a 1993 reception for donors to the non-profit White House Historical Association. The smiling pair are seen greeting the president at the White House in photos unearthed from the archives of the Clinton Presidential Library in Arkansas.



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