Two Shocking Top Dems Planning ‘Blitz Primary’ Coup Against Biden

OPINION:  This article contains commentary which may reflect the author’s opinion

The Democrats’ concern on whether President Joe Biden will relinquish his position has now reached the stage of Can Taylor Swift Rescue Us?

As per a report by Semafor, two influential Democrats have been sharing a letter with party contributors outlining a strategy for a “blitz primary” aimed at replacing Biden. The memorandum, authored by Rosa Brooks, a law professor at Georgetown University and former member of the Obama administration, in collaboration with Ted Dintersmith, a startup capitalist and Democratic contributor, suggests a primary process lasting for a month, wherein six candidates who secure the highest number of votes from party delegates will participate. The delegates would subsequently determine the party’s ultimate nominee shortly prior to the commencement of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, scheduled to begin on August 19th.

Amidst the various components of this plan that are likely to be disregarded as imaginative by detractors, it is imperative for all candidates to commit to conducting a constructive campaign. The proposal necessitates President Biden’s immediate and unwavering support, as he has explicitly stated his intention to continue participating in the election.

So, what is Taylor Swift’s involvement in this situation? As a component of their strategy, Brooks and Dintersmith suggest organizing regular forums with the six probable candidates, where they would be facilitated by different cultural figures. Some of the people suggested as prospective moderators are Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Taylor Swift.

Despite the presence of critics, Brooks asserts that her ambitious proposal has received widespread approval, as reported by Semafor.

“We can limp to shameful, avoidable democracy-ending defeat,” the memo states (per Semafor). “Or Democrats can make this Our Finest Hour.”

A significant number of Democrats will undoubtedly be satisfied, at the absolute minimum, with the goal of avoiding what is fast becoming a cruel summer.