Undercover Clip Shows Fetterman Staffer Admitting Senator Wants To Constitutional Right

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James O’Keefe, a conservative journalist working undercover, has once again been successful in his mission. This time, he was able to convince a member of Senator John Fetterman’s (D-PA) office to admit that their boss is in favor of repealing one of America’s top Constitutional rights.

Luke Borwegan, a “special assistant” to the senator, boasted of his ability to manipulate “puppet” journalists in a videotape that was posted on Wednesday morning. He said that these journalists will “paint the narrative that we want,” and he also stated that the senator is “okay with overturning the 2nd Amendment.”


Later on in the footage, Borwegan refers to the senator’s press staff as a “work of art,” claiming that “we can go tell reporters to f*** themselves and they can’t do anything because they need us more than we need them, because everyone wants a story about John Fetterman.”

The staff member recounted an instance in which his office granted an exclusive interview to a single reporter with Senator Fetterman just a short time before the senator admitted himself to a medical facility for treatment of depression.

Borwegan was questioned by an undercover reporter working for O’Keefe’s new company, which goes by the name O’Keefe Media Group, regarding the senator’s position on gun regulation. “He’s 100 percent for gun control. Borwegan was quoted as saying, “Red flags, banning automatic rifles, and all that s***.” The staffer added that “He [Fetterman] would probably be OK with overturning the Second Amendment. I think he would prefer, like, nobody has guns at all.”

During a campaign that saw gun-rights groups target the Democrat for his positions on assault weapons bans, universal background checks, and other anti-gun positions that have been longtime priorities for Democrats, Senator Fetterman emerged victorious after a contentious battle with the Republican candidate Mehmet Oz. This victory came after Senator Fetterman emerged victorious after a contentious battle with Republican candidate Mehmet Oz. On the trail, Fetterman mentioned an incident in which he pointed his shotgun at an attacker until the police arrived and said, “I may have broken a few laws during the course” of the interaction. He was referring to the fact that he did this until the police arrived.

Despite having owned a gun himself, Fetterman campaigned for gun control while running against Mehemet Oz for PA Senator, writing the following on the matter for Medium:

“Before you start thinking I’m just another Democrat who hates guns, you might be surprised to learn that for ten years, I have owned a Smith & Wesson Model 500. In fact, I’ve been around guns for most of my life.”

Fetterman also echoed the all-to-common rhetoric of blaming the NRA and divisiveness in the country for the mass amount of violence caused by guns, not individuals:

“But instead of constructively working together — regardless of political ideology — around the shared idea that we all want to make our country safer, we’ve settled into an all-too-familiar pattern that pits gun owners against the rest of America. This dangerous divisiveness is fueled by hyperbolic NRA talking points that are rooted in the irrational fear that any attempt to make gun ownership safer is a threat to gun ownership everywhere.”

“The grip of the NRA is so suffocating in Washington that politicians are too afraid of the gun lobby to pass even the most sensible reforms, like universal background checks. This simple step could keep firearms out of the hands of the most dangerous people in our country and help save lives. But the NRA would rather that a violent criminal could purchase my gun on the street, no questions asked.”


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