US farmer warns ‘China is quietly taking over’ food security

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One American farmer raised a red flag that China is still penetrating “many, many acres” of rural America despite Congress’ progress in crafting legislation to address the issue.

“They’re tapping into the American food structure and this country. And we should be looking at that as food security, people. Because they’re tapping into American farms and tapping into the hog industry, all of these industries that China is quietly taking over here in the United States,” John Boyd Jr., the president of the National Black Farmers Association, told “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on Fox News on Tuesday.

Concerns about Chinese-owned corporations acquiring substantial tracts of country farmland in states like Oklahoma, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Virginia have been raised by farmers for over two years now.

According to USDA statistics from 2021, China apparently owns 383,000 acres of American farmland, with its capital investments purportedly bringing in $1.9 billion that year.

As noted by Boyd Jr., Chinese-backed businesses with large budgets are also prevailing over American farmers for fresh land.

“Persons like myself who maybe can pay $4,000 or $5,000 an acre, some of these farms are being run up to $15,000 and $20,000 an acre,” said Boyd Jr. “Now, how many American farmers that you know in the United States can afford $20,000 an acre for good farm ground? Because I can’t.”

As China continues to acquire access to land near key infrastructure and military bases, the fourth-gen Black farmer accused Biden’s administration of being “asleep at the wheel” and called for action to stop the CCP.

“While we are losing farms, this administration hasn’t done anything to stop farm foreclosures in this country. We have many of our members who are, right now, facing farm foreclosure, but we had $1 billion to help Chinese farmers and other entities in Russia,” Boyd Jr. accused.

“But they can come over here and purchase our farmland and purchase our infrastructure and tap into the American government here,” the American farmer railed. “Something is terribly wrong with this.”

The “Protecting America’s Agricultural Land from Foreign Harm Act,” a law that would prevent foreign foes like China from purchasing U.S. farmland, was introduced in May by both Republicans and Democrats in a bipartisan effort.

The bill would forbid actors linked with the repressive regimes from taking part in specific USDA-mandated programs in addition to blocking purchases of U.S. farmland by people and businesses connected to the Chinese Communist Party, Iran, North Korea, and Russia.

An overview of the law is still being worked on, therefore it has not yet passed in either chamber and reached the president’s desk, according to the legislative process tracker for Congress.

Boyd Jr. criticized politicians for “not aggressively” trying to approve and implement the law – and safeguard farmers, their lands, and businesses.

The farmer stated that U.S. senators and congressional leaders “need to put legislation in place to stop China from buying American farm ground and to stop them from buying American companies, and to stop them from taking over the United States to quietly put a real strong foothold on the United States. To stop this, we’re not doing enough.”

The battle to keep Communists, who have declared war on the United States of America, from owning our important land and infrastructure has hit peak absurdity, and finally, the US Military has had to intervene on a group of moronic elected officials who were opening the door to a massive land grab by a foreign country who plans to displace Americans from America.

Dr. Lee Edwards reported for The Heritage Foundation in 2021, about the escalation of a soft war between China and the United States which feels headed toward hardness:

The facts are indisputable: Communist China is waging a sophisticated “soft” war against America with a two-fold goal: to challenge the United States as the world’s leading superpower and to supplant its dominant position in China’s neighborhood. Communist China’s strategy touches every aspect of our society—economic, technological, educational, political, even cultural.

With a GDP of $14 trillion, a population of 1.4 billion brimming with confidence and nationalist fervor, and an assertive Communist Party commanding a modern military, China is determined to again become the Middle Kingdom and to erase the humiliation of Western dominance of China over much of the last two centuries.

China’s calculated use of “hard power”—its offensive weapons buildup, its draconian suppression of free speech and assembly in Hong Kong, the constant military maneuvers and warnings aimed at Taiwan, and the “colonization” of the South China Sea—are troubling enough. But we should also focus on China’s use of “soft power,” especially through its United Front Work Department (UFW). Although benign sounding, the UFW “aims to influence the policies of foreign states toward Chinese ends, through means that may be legal, illegal, or exploit gray areas,” June Teufel Dreyer writes in a 2018 Foreign Policy Research Institute report. Target #1 of China’s global offensive is the United States.

So why would North Dakota sell it’s land to the enemies of the United States of America? And what can be done about it?

Zerohedge reported with updates about what is happening in the state:

The US Air Force has warned that the construction of a Chinese-owned corn mill in North Dakota poses a “significant threat to national security.”

Grand Forks Air Force Base located 12 miles from proposed building site of Chinese-owned corn mill in North Dakota.


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